Comodo's WOT

Comodo should develop a safe browsing tool such as WOT not the online URL check which is currently available. Allow all Comodo users to post ratings of the sites just like WOT.

I asked for something like this more than a year ago and still no sign of it…

Hi Guys,

Hi disinter1 ,

Most likely because that is not needed at all , and that would be another spare Tool that will take resources to develop when there are a lot of existing ones.

Here is a link and subsequent ones with the similar discussions;msg330009#msg330009

You can use those (and others) and sure it is better to have “code checking“ types (Dr. Web / Finjan/ etc.) rather than based on “community ratings”

Anyway, you cannot ever really rely on any of them 100% (as usual) since all are generating False Positives, which is unavoidable.

So, what is the point to have another one similar to those mentioned and in addition to the existing Comodo Site Inspector and Threatcast ?

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