Comodo's trusted files

I have a question , because i am worrying about some things.

Comodo has trusted files/vendors built in Comodo Internet Security.

So nothing will get scanned.

But if i have some programs installed who are in that whitelist of Comodo , and the vendor starts distributing malware , and i install that , i am ‘’ ■■■■■■■ ‘’ ?

Comodo’s trusted files also will be trusted in my local trusted database.

Or does Comodo still does ‘‘something’’ to prevent such things from happening ?

Maybe a option is to let Comodo clean the local trusted database automatic once in a while , because currently , i always have to do that myself , clean the trusted files from files that were removed and still are in the trusted list etc.

Or how is it taken care of ?

If a vendor is found to no longer be trustworthy then they will be removed from the TVL. This will also remove it from your computer. At least I believe that’s the way it works.

The topic for you to report any suspicious trusted files can be found here.

I know that Comodo removes it if its not trustworthy , thats pretty logical.

But i mean , does Comodo check its trusted list once in a while , or does it let the users do all the work ?

Do you mean the TVL? The TVL is updated periodically without any input from the user.

its updating ok , but it also removes vendors right if not trusted.

how does it find out ? only by the users or does Comodo looks for shady vendors aswell ?

I’m not sure how Comodo checks for shady vendors in the TVL. However, I came up with a method which I wish Comodo would follow as it would make this process much quicker and much more reliable. At least I think it would.

The wish I’m referring to can be found here.

Please let me know what you think in that other topic. Thanks.