Comodo's legendary endpoint protection now extended to Windows servers


We released the latest version of ESM 3 last night.

Firstly, big shout out to the ESM developers and Q & A team led so well by Dmitry & Denis. Thanks also to the CES development team for a brilliant new product, Comodo AntiVirus for Servers.

Most of the changes to ESM 3 are sub-surface with a bug fixed here and there but the biggie is that ESM 3 can deploy Comodo AntiVirus for Servers to your Windows servers, manage them and protect them using the same renowned Default-Deny architecture and patented Auto-Sandbox genius.

You read correctly. AV for Servers implements the same technology with automatic sandboxing, not ‘manual’ sandboxing or ‘only if it looks suspicious’ sandboxing offered by some of our competitors, which isolates any ‘Unknown’ files thus proactively protecting your servers.

For current users of ESM 3 all you need do is download and run the installer, the in-place update will take place automatically.

For current and new users, you install the server protection in exactly the same way as the desktop protection. Go through the ‘Deployment’ process selecting your Windows servers along with your desktop machines and let rip.

NOTE: The un-installation/installation process requires that the server be rebooted so you may not want to do this during production hours (but you already knew that :))

Updaters, your download awaits:-

New Users, please register for your download and licenses via our webpage :-

As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Congratulations with this milestone; extending to the Server platform. (:CLP) :■■■■


AV for SERVERS! Many were asking for this as a wish and COMODO heard.
Thanks Michel and your team. We LOVE COMODO!

We ALWAYS listen to our users…ALWAYS…

Same goes for me…

It is great to have a team (provider) such as COMODO always there for us. :viva: