Comodo's "FULL SCAN" taking forever due to scanning same folders twice?

Need opinions. Possible bug? Intentional?

Windows 7 x64

Just was running a “FULL SCAN” for the fun of it on my system, and was wondering why it was taking forever. Then I happened to notice a few file names popping up that I had noticed before that had already been scanned earlier. My suspicions were then fully confirmed when a ‘coin miner’ of mine got flagged a second time that I keep in a folder on my Desktop. (see attachment)

Confused, I take a look at the file paths in the results, and noticed a hidden “Documents and Settings” folder that is identical to the “Users” folder in Windows 7. If both are the same, why on a “FULL SCAN” is Comodo scanning both and thus taking forever to do a scan? I unhid that “Documents and Settings” folder, and checked out it’s properties, and discovered it’s just a ‘shortcut’ folder (see attachment). So, why is Comodo doing twice the work when it doesn’t need to? Bug? Intentional?

I didn’t want to post about this in the Bug area, as I wasn’t sure if it was indeed a bug. So, I’d appreciate some opinions on this. Thanks.

I would say it is a bug because there is no need to scan things twice.

Just found an extremely simple workaround for this double scanning.

It seems you can prevent the double scanning of everything in the 'Users' folder by adding the following line to the "Scan Exclusions" section:
?:\Documents and Settings\*

Still, I’ve added a bug report here: