Comodos Antivirus sees almost every application as "virut" virus

What kind of bug is this? Are we supposed to believe, that programs like Irfanview or MP3Tag are Virusses? The amount of false positives isn´t bearable on Windows 7. Almost every small tool is reported as the said virus Virus.Win32.Virut.Ce. What´s wrong with the AV module?

I ran a full scan with symantec´s virut removal tool & it didn´t find a single virus.

Hi abr,

Please submit few detected files as false-positives at Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis and we will verify if the files are infected or not.

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What av database number and what version of CIS are you using? Look under More -->About.

which version of comodo internet security is used by you? You can go to More —> About to find it out, Also tell what is ur antivirus database number, please reply.

Ran Irfan since day0 from comodo and not once false positive, not even on high heuristics…

Just like GakunGak said. I have CIS with heuristics set to high on several system and I don’t have any problems with files marked as malware(Virut)

Maybe his rig got infected and patched every executable before installing comodo? Or he downloaded them from untrusted internet sources and those programs have hidden “virus” code in them?!

Viruses belonging to this family infect files with .EXE and .SCR extensions
. Source: .

I would advice to run the Dr Web Live CD to clean up your system.


Better be careful. I had nightmares after it had my system infected about 3 times.
I agree with EricJH. Dr. Web is the best at fighting Virut.