COMODO's 2nd antivirus

I think CAMAS is very sensitive and could lead to FPs. Maybe the alert should be different then from a regular AV/cloud AV one. It could look like the Av alert but instead of red it should be orange, and it should state that “The cloud behavior blocker has blocked this application becasue it behaves like a melicous application, what would you like to do?”

I would love for somebody to count the number of times he says awesome in those videos lol.

I’m not sure but it’s attach to defence + not firewall

The cloud things can’t detect some thing caught by the hueristics + COMODO av has a stronger realtime

Languy99 this 2nd av is what was trying to tell u in youtube with the name ahmeeeeeeeeeeeed

This is a really awesome feature. Currently I’m running just the Firewall with the sandbox enabled and everything and I simply do not see the point in running an AV at the moment. Good files get allowed, all unknown files are restricted, and I’m warned if these unknown files are bad due to the online BB. No more on-access AV slowing me down. This is perfect.

The cloud things r just extra defence incase the av isn’t working but u still need the antivirus because some files might get pass them and the av is the only way to scan I still think the av is nasisarly :-TU but for slow computers u can use different antivirus instead

Why? If I did in fact run something malicious, it’d have to bypass the sandbox to infect me.

the cloud without the AV is realtime only, you can’t scan with the cloud without the AV installed. You have to run the malware for it to work but if it is setting there on the harddrive from an old infection it will not be caught until you run it.

That’s what other on-demand malware scanners are for. My PC is clean, therefore this method should be fine.

Well even the sandbox is just made to send the data to COMODO for anylizing and get segnitchers

It’s kind of confusing but actually the av has better detection(hueristics) and it caught files even before u click run but the cloud av caught them after or with defence + alert which is after clicking run after downloading and y u think they put the cloud av in defence + not the av basicly because it’s extra protection so u won’t get COMODO’s full detection without that :wink:

Our cloud analyzer has a very powerful heuristics engine too. So when malicious sofwtare is REALLY malicious and was not caught by AV at that time, cloud behavior analysis will analyze and retrun in maximum 15 minutes after the upload. You will see something like the attachment in that case.

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Nice to know

Nice to know/see.
Btw, I’ve tested CIS5 (who hasn’t ;D) and sometimes CIMA pages don’t load (like they don’t exist). Are you guys aware of this problem and it will be solved?
+, is CIMA translatable? I mean the results page.

I had the same problem in fact every time that the cloud scanner comes into place I never can open the CIMA link.

so there will be 2 anti virus engines hear

No only one but exist in two places :slight_smile: