COMODO's 2nd antivirus

Hey everybody today I was looking at youtube videos (reviews) and I saw a test where there were avast along with COMODO firewall :o and in some links COMODO’s antivirus show up but with or after defence + alert ??? what is this ??? I think COMODO accedently made an endependent cloud antivirus and cloud behavior blocker enstead of build it in the antivirus watch the video and judge it yourself 88)

part 1: Avast 5 and CIS 5 beta p1 - YouTube

part 2: Avast 5 and CIS 5 beta p2 - YouTube

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forgive me for the spelling mistakes English isn’t my native language

You are correct. It is cloud-based, and that is by design.

wow that is weird to see. maybe this is one of the major bugs they had and are fixing currently lets see if the firewall is still like this after the next release.

If this is a bug I like it

Yea I figured that out after watching that video couple of times it says cloud scanner instead of antivirus but I made this to say that doesn’t normally happens thanks for noticing

It’s part of D+. If you check out the settings under D±>Execution Control Settings, you can turn it off if you don’t want the Cloud Analysis!

Oh your genius

Looks like all people that voted agreed on keeping it I think it’s usful if u have bought a bad antivirus but the lisences haven’t expire yet ;D

Hmmm , this is very interesting 8)
I watched all 4 videos, too bad he didn’t tested combination without Avast and just CISv5 but without AV. Would be cool 2 see cloud scanner little more in action, this way Avast didn’t gave it a chance, but I guess it’s very good that ComodoCloud catched malware that Avast missed :-TU
Another thing I’ve noticed is that he was making a point that Notepad++ is not signed but Comodo Verdict was that it is Trusted, that actually made me think is something Trusted by Comodo by file signature or something else ?

yea it would be good to see COMODO cloud scanner in action I might test that in the future (I’m not the one that I gave u a link to his videos in this topic)

this cloud av wont conflict with a regular av ???

No it won’t because it’s just like malwarebytes it detects viruses right before they run it’s just a scanner that works with defence + it’s not something that has real-time :wink:

There is more benefit when we install avast and CIS without av. we have double protection by this way.

For v5 I defently not agree COMODO 5 has an extreme detection rate watch this:

part 1: [url=] - YouTube

part 2: - YouTube

enjoy ;D

Is the cloud BB also available when we install only the firewall?

Yes, if you enable D+

But then, there is no point in installing Comodo AV!

But using Avast free and Comodo firewall, you will achieve better protection.

That’s what I’m thinking to do right now.
As we speak I have Cis5 beta firewall only (D+ and Sandbox disabled) with MSE 2.0 beta.
What I’m thinking about is just run CIS5 without any AV installed, with D+ and Sandbox.
But I’m not sure if D+ and Sandbox are buggy or not. So far just firewall is working without ANY bugs.

I just noticed this. LOL I = dumb ???

Cloud AV is great addition and I really like it, Comodo does great job and giant leaps with this feature especially CAMAS results, maybe we should have graded results for CAMAS, so even file is not malicious and it have hash in CAMAS database, to see what will do before it started in sandbox