comodofirewall,antivir PE guard strange behaviour [Resolved]

I had posted at the Wilders forum about some kind of confliction between comodo firewall and antivir PE classic.When I choose to block all in comodo, antivir guard also deactivated.
Now after installing comodo I thought that the problem was solved.I was wrong.I found out the real problem .Now please try this and give me a feedback,if it happens with you:COMPONENT MONITOR LEARNING,block all,nothing happens to antivir guard.NOW CHANGE COMPONENT MONITOR TO ON,BLOCK ALL,ANTIVIR GUARD DEACTIVATES.But there is not a security notification from the security center.Why does this happen is it a bug? Is there a way to prevent this?**
I got win XP SP2.comodo,antivir PE classic,SSM free,firefox with no scripts,spywareblaster.
ON demand AVG antispyware,spybot and adaware.I use sandboxie sometimes.

I’ve no idea why AntiVir PE would do that or how CFP is managing to do it for that matter… I certainly don’t think it’s intentional. I think it would be best if you go to Comodo Support, register on their system & raise a ticket on this issue. Please post back any feedback that support give you, thanks.

It is not a bug in CFP.
This happens because the two AntiVir processes, avgnt.exe (AntiVir System Tray Tool), and avguard.exe (AntiVir On-Access Service) are using localhost ( to communicate. When you block all traffic with CFP, the communication between those processes is severed, and antivir guard stops working.

I’ve also noticed this problem when using Zone alarm (i used it before switching to comodo).

Thanks for explaining that Bubu74.

No problem… :slight_smile: