“Comodo selected to secure the official site for the Obama’08 campaign”

…oh yeah. (CNY)

I can just see the next HEADLINE:

Comodo to secure all computers in WHITE HOUSE and PENTAGON.

Now thats a contract :-TU

I actually like Obama. He would be the first black President.

Guys, just remember the forum policy:

So don’t go to far with your opinions about the president candidates :wink:


…only reiterating the headline above the forms there. Nothing but positive so far it seems. Some kudos for Comodo, hopes for “securing the white house” and who doesn’t think it would be great to finally have a black president? or a woman? or a real war-hero?
Let’s leave it at that, it’s as nice as I can play. (:WIN)

(V) (V) (V) (V) (V) (V) (V) (V) (V) (V)

why choose (:TNG)

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Thanks…that image will replace the bogeyman in my nightmares.

I think it’s cool that a major Presidential Candidate is using Comodo Firewall Pro. I just wish this fact was more widely known, because it would be “free advertising” for Comodo. Whether you like Obama or not, you can agree that he is a major figure and the fact that his team chose Comodo would be a big boost. I think everyone watches the political race of other countries (since leaders of each contry affect the world in a way), so it would be world-wide advertising. :slight_smile: I could advertise that I use Comodo Software, but that would not be as near as impacting as Obama saying that he uses this software. No fair. I should be just as impacting. :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Cheers all.

It says that they’re using Comodo InstantSSL, and not CFP :wink:


I believe Clinton and McCain should use Comodo InstantSSL now :wink: