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I think the above comparison should have CIS instead of CAV. The table can misguide users thinking no FW in free version. I think Comodo should show the comparisons between similar products i.e suite v/s suite & AV v/s AV for free v/s paid so that the comparisons are more clear & users are not misguided.

mod edit: unnecessary elements of URL removed. kail

Well you right. Your request by the way sounds more like an wish, so IMHO it belong to wish area.

Regards RealNature,

Personally I think it better fits here:

While the page Naren has shown could be misleading, I think the below comparisons page is better to use.
Internet Security Products - PC Security
Edit: I am not convinced that it is an issue, because you do only see the mentioned page if you specifically select Antivirus.

Better, but also I tend to agree with captainsticks. So no issue here, depend what you compare.

Well I meant if it were an issue then that part of the forum would be a better fit 88)

Yes for that is the right place

No, you see the page when you select “For Home”

Comodo Mobile official webpage have “For Home” tab, when you click it you see the mentioned page.

Yes, but you are on in the first place and not, I can only navigate to that page from the Antivirus link at the bottom of Comodo or from searching specifically for Antivirus. :-\

Edit: Sorry I missed the word “Mobile” that you used, so do you get directed to it from your Mobile device?