COMODO & Yahoo!

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Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a case of ‘closing the stable door after the horse has bolted’ but with the high profile news regarding Yahoo! is the option of having CIS ( and other programs CD, CID ) change your browsers home page to Yahoo! going to be stopped and removed from the installers ?

The topic of changing the browser home page has been discussed many times before, but is it now time to not have this happen and especially to Yahoo! ???

I’m not that much concerned about the browser homepage and search engine, as long as it can be disabled during a custom installation (recently it was already unchecked by default). Comodo has to make money if we want CIS to be free…

I’m much more concerned about web filtering… in the past;msg798141#msg798141 I pointed out that Comodo was “phoning home” to Yahoo! when performing web filtering, but I have never had a clear answer about this topic…

Since that time I have disabled website filtering on CIS, but most user may not be aware of this possible privacy issue :-\

Personally I install CIS in custom mode
This will disable the facility Yahoo
No problem