Comodo won't work Windows 7 (64Bit)

The latest 64bit version from Comodo’s own site doesn’t work with Windows 7 64bit.

You’re able to install Comodo but then your applications may begin to start low. Ccleaner for example. In worst case your whole system gets tacky and freezy and your applications won’t start at all. Including Wordpad.

What ever, Drive Crypt won’t start at all. It doesn’t matter if you disable Defence+ from the beginning. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing this or that to make it better.

Please save Comodo. The best firewall in XP.

check your Windows install, CIS runs perfectly in W7/64 since version 3.1* up to 4.*

Don’t know what’s to check. Just installed Home Premium. Everything else works fine.

More specific:

Without Comodo

  • Just installed Windows 7 Home premium 64bit (Legal Upgrade)
  • Just installed few applications (All legal, no ■■■■■ bs)
  • Ran Avast & Malwarebytes in safe mode with toughest settings, Everything’s cool there
  • All runs perfectly

Installed Comodo without Defence+

  • Drive Crypt won’t open
  • Drive Crypt Plus Pack won’t open
  • After trying to open Drive Crypts all applications got tacky and freezy
  • I disarmed almost every setting in Comodo > No change
  • I removed LivePCsupport > No change
  • I turned Comodo off > No change
  • I turned Windows Firewall off > No change

If you still say Comodo works perfectly on Win7 64bit, it sounds almost a religious mantra.

See if Drive Crypt is sandboxed. When it is sandboxed move it from My Pending Files to My Own Safe Files and reboot your computer and try again.

I installed Comodo again, without Defence+. Nothing was sandboxed. My Pending Files was empty. I put all DC files to My Own Safe Files, put it as a trusted provider and rebooted. No change. I totally disarmed Comodo and rebooted. No change.

I installed Comodo again, with Defence+. This time Comodo asked about how to treat DC. I chose as trusted. No change.

I’m sorry but I must stop here. I very much believe this is something you can’t solve as an end user. If you don’t believe me, try yourself.

Installed DC. First launch a question from D+. Allowed.

Second alert from Sandbox. Trusted and Allowed.

After inserting demo key

Final with DC working.

My CIS configuration: Seven x64, Proactive, FW and D+ Safe Mode, Sandbox enabled.

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Oh my gosh you did it then. Now I’m really lost. And you must understand that I too know something about dealing with applications.

I guess it’s still the sandbox which is f*king with me. Even if it’s off.

Maybe I could manage if I reinstalled DC when Comodo is already running. Just like you did. I let you know of course.

Thanks for your efforts :slight_smile:

  • Removed DC
  • Installed Comodo with defence+ and abled sandbox
  • Installed DC again

Still couldn’t launch DC

This whole thing is pissing me off. This shouldn’t be that hard. It’s just too ■■■■ hard to find decent applications for 64bit 7. I’m stuck with stupid Zonealarm that’s for sure.

Thanks anyway

Man I’m really sorry. TBH I have no idea why is working for me and not for you. :frowning:

Thanks, burebista :slight_smile: I’ll try again when I next reinstall my OS.

I guess there’s gotta be something weird on my own computer which I can’t figure out. Some simple setting or so.

I’ll be back :wink:

this bug happen at random programs for specifics computers, because that comodo team dont know how to fix it, or that is what i think

in my case, i cannot open dvd shrink, it is a old clasic program
note: after instal it open at first run without problems when i leave checked open program when installation finished, but after that dvd shrink doesnt open in any ways.

your may try to open this program too but i dont know if it will work for you, as i said comodo 64bit cause ramdom programs to stop opening on specifics PC

You might want to try this fix: here.

At least until 4.1 is out

Best wishes


This may be a little late.

Your user account is probably corrupted for some reason and can’t start comodo as a service. You might want to create a new account and move your stuff to the new account from the old one.

here’s some help:

Hello :smiley:

Now it works!

Answers are always as simple as hell. It just might be the case now too. I used older 5.1 version of DC before and now I upgraded to 5.4. It got to be that, or the latest Comodo just works better.

And hey, DCPP opened smoothly too. Even when I didn’t do any changes there. So it have to be the better version of Comodo.

Anyway, Thanks guys for being there for me :slight_smile: