Comodo & Windows Vista

(:WAV) I recently updated my computer to a Compaq Presario and had heard a lot about Comodo. I went onto the net and read as much as I could about free firewalls. Comodo seems to come out very well in all the tests but is not yet available for Vista, but coming soon. After also reading a lot of the comments about CFW on this website I have some concerns with its’ useability and GUI. Several members seem to have gone back to Zone Alarm, or other firewalls, having been dissatisfied with some of the things that CFW has to offer. I realise that many of these criticisms are personal opinions only but how many of the “genuine” crits will be addressed in the new Vista version? I am not a computer geek, I only use mine for personal work with Excel, Word and for surfing the net - which I and my wife do a lot - thank God she has her own credit card!!! I use Avast anti-virus and Spysweeper for anti-spyware, malware etc. My computer came with Norton Internet Security loaded for a free 2 month trial, after which I have either to pay to renew it or take it off - the latter course is what I intend to do. How much testing will the new CFW get before it is launched for Vista?

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The Alpha version is already launched. I recommend this thread for news/updates:

To answer your question Wingman1, there is no date to offer you, and probably never will be. Comodo had put out some optomistic targets in the past, only to be flamed if/when the date was passed and a new date proposed. Quite sad, but this is the bitter reality.

As Soya suggested we are currently in our 2nd round of Alpha testing. I have no information on how many rounds Alpha will have. Once the product approaches higher stability and more of its functions enabled/coded/completed then it will enter Beta.

Beta will undoubtedly have a few iterations of its own. Once the community (incuding yourself if you’re so inclined) of testers and the developers are satisfied, the final build will be officially released.

I agree with your desire to move away from the Norton product currently installed on your PC.

I’m also going to assume that your Vista is 32-bit… and suggest a couple vendors that could get you by until Comodo supports vista officially (unless you choose to become a tester of the alpha or beta comodo versions)… (free firewall) - no personal experience (non-pro version free firewall) - used prior to Comodo (free anti-spyware / HIPS) - still use today [CFP 3 may replace this as well] (free antivirus) - still use today, just like you, until CAVS 2 comes out of beta

Hi Wingman1,

If you have a Vista x86, install Eset Smart Security beta for the time being.
On Windows XP I use Comodo, but in the case of Vista I’m waiting for a stable beta release of Comodo v3. Unfortunatly, I haven’t followed Comodo forums recently, so I don’t know the current state of releases, but I use ESS beta and it works quite well.
Of course, I will install Comodo as soon as I can. (V)