Comodo / Windows Security Center Problem [Resolved]

I have uninstalled Comodo but it still remains in the Windows Security Center, which says misleadingly that Comodo Personal Firewall is ON.

Even when I reininstalled and then uninstalled Comodo Personal Firewall (2.4) it is not removed from the Windows Security Center. Thus when I install another firewall on my PC, such as the windows firewall, Windows Security Center reports that you have At least one firewall on… etc.

This is a serious bug, as even when completely uninstalled the firewall is still shown as enabled in the Windows Security Center and thus does not notify the user that their computer is exposed.

I have downloaded WMI Tools to try and manually remove Comodo from the Windows Security Center to no avail since I had no idea where to look.

How can I manually remove Comodo from the Windows Security Center in my computer (Win XP Pro SP2)?

I have searched on the net but couldn’t find any way of removing a program’s entry in the Windows Security Center. (:SAD)

This method worked well for me with XP Home.

"In control panel click on Administrative Tools, then Services, from the list of services find Windows Management Instrumentation right click mouse and from dropdown list stop the service.

Find folder C:\windows\system32\wbem, inside this folder identify the repository folder and delete only this folder (the repository folder) from your computer.

In Administrative Tools find Windows Management Instrumentation service again, and re-start the service by right clicking mouse and pressing start from dropdown list. Restarting this service re-builds the repository folder database on your computer, which should now only contain information about your currently installed antivirus & firewall programs.

To reset the Windows Security Centre you must re-boot your computer."

Or there is also a script you can download. Check the 5th Reply in this thread by Panic. The script is an attachment at the bottom of the #5 Reply.,2479.0.html

Thank you innerpeace, I will try your method out later today and let you know how I go.

How did you manage to work all that out…? I was baffled and confused myself with how on earth to reset the Windows Security Center.

Once again thank you for your help (:CLP) and I hope to help others with their issues too on the Comodo forums.

UPDATE: The method worked, deleting the repository folder was the key to fixing my problem, THANKS! :BNC

Your welcome, I had the same problem when uninstalling Norton and moving to Comodo and Avast. I did some searching and found this method on another security forum. It worked well for me. Stick around, there is a lot to learn here. Take care, innerpeace