Comodo Website is broken, contains numerous typos

Couldn’t figure out where else to post this, just trying to help you ppl out…

This page has at least two broken links at the bottom; Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions go no where. Also, that there are zero links to the Comodo home page or any other page is kinda frustrating.

Next, looking at the last update listing (March 2021), I have no idea what some of these acronyms mean;

  • “WSL 2 can not workwhen install CIS” - specifically “WSL”
  • “cmdvirth can be stoped” - specifically “cmdvirth”
  • “Fix system blue screen caused by cmderd on 32-bit systems” - specifically “cmderd”

you’re kinda lucky enough to find at least Release Note Page


Hi MajorPayne,

Thank you for bringing this to our notice, we have reported to the corresponding team.

Hi MajorPayne,

The links is fixed and it’s working now, kindly check.