Comodo website has a really old installer as its main download v45.9...

just downloaded a new copy from the main comodo website, it downloaded on installer

if you download directly from the website you will get Comodo Dragon v45.9.12.393 – 51mb
if you download from the forum you get version v77.0.3865.120 – 91mb

the version available on the website doesn’t update beyond a certain point due to some file not being properly signed
you should make the latest version available on the site

I can confirm that - Version 45.9 from the website and it asks if you wish to downgrade when attempting to install

thanks for validating :-TU , that some really really old version on the website
hopefully somebody will see this and update the link on the site

Hello Yaron, thank you for bringing this up, there are still a few of older pages out there that need updating.

Link “Download for Fans of Chrome” on the web site Best Internet Browser 2022 | Free Secure Web Browser redirects to page Best Internet Browser 2022 | Free Secure Web Browser . The “Free Download” button downloads dragonsetup.exe Version

Further update is not possible because in the Help → About page after downloading the installation package the message “Downloaded file is not properly signed” is shown.


old version, not update links :-\

Thank you, i will forward the links to the support team

Thanks Sergiu