Comodo web shield

If it is browser toolbar some love for Opera pls.
Would be very interesting to report sites wat to be block by DNS.

As long as it’s not powered by Ask I’m up for that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Something like this would be fine:

AntiNetworkSpy protactive module prevents dangerous trojans from stealing your private information when making important [b]SSL internet transactions[/b]. [b]It also blocks HTTP/HTTPS trojans on user level as well as POP,SMTP,FTP, loggers.[/b]
protects against browser-based attacks, including:
* Man-In-The-Browser
* Phishing attacks
* Keyloggers
* Screen Grabbers
* Cookie Stealers
* Info Stealing Trojans such as ZEUS, MBR, Goldun, and Silent Banker</blockquote>