Comodo web shield

i would like a web shield like avast.
i know that comodo scans as soon as the items hits the disc but a web shield would be cool.
but make it an optional install or a seperate program that adds on to CIS

First time it won’t be wishlist for most CIS user.

But it’s good idea to install as separate program of add-ons.
I wish email scanner and/or antispam should add to suite as add-ons for user that’s want to.

+1 :-TU

It’s a very good shield :slight_smile:

The sandbox, with the cloud BB and the former BOClean in-memory scanner functionality negates the need for a web shield IMO.Although it’d be useful to block malicious domains permanently I suppose.

It will block any malicious content to be even saved to disk. It’s a http traffic scanner.

In avast, this is done by another shield (Net Shield).

I would love to have a http traffic scanner.

+1 :-TU

:-TU +1

Even knowing that A piece of malware have to get into the ram for execution and the scanner than will kill it I would prefer a webshield for the detection of the binary/exploit.



Shields enough around.


I guess this has something to do with comodo dragon. am i wrong ?

more than just comodo dragon…
whole new service for realtime web malware checking and many more…

Sounds great. :smiley: will it work from desktop or comodo servers or a combination of both ? :slight_smile: Are you talking about the cloud behaviour blocker in the beta ?


Melih this service I suppose that will be software installed in the pc(different that the dns servers) Will this service be implemented in the CIS? or it will be separate?

it will benefit few different areas. some sort of browser toolbar and even maybe feeding the dns…

Thanks for the answer Melih. :slight_smile:

A web shield would indeed be very nice.

Well well well :slight_smile: . may i dare ask again when it is coming ? :wink: