Comodo warning "You have joined an unsecured network"

Hi All,

First post as couldnt find anything via search on the forum.

I have received a Comodo popup (running Comodo Internet Security Premium on Win7 laptop) saying:

Warning: You have joined an unsecured network. With a prompt to secure any communications or continue unsecured.

My first concern is that I am connected to my own router secured via WPA2-PSK and certainly wasnt trying to join any other networks. [I was however troubleshooting why I cannot see my Router under My Computer > Networks so perhaps inadvertantly did something].

My second concern is that other than an IP address, the prompt offers no option to cancel or leave the network and I can’t then see it active under Networks & Sharing. If I had indeed joined an unsecured network then I’d like to get my laptops ■■■ out of there ASAP.

My final concern and it’s probably unrelated, is that for the last week or so I’m seeing something called RalinkAPS under My Computer > Networks and I have no idea what it is. I used the WPS function on the router whilst (unsuccessfully) trying to set up a connection to my AV Receiver and this RalinkAPS seems to be there since then. I’m concerned I inadvertantly made my router discoverable but it’s more than likely unrelated to this post.

Any ideas on what this unsecured network prompt might be? Should I be concerned? And if so then how do I go about setting Comodo so that I only ever join my own router/network and need to explicitly join other networks on the rare occassions when I’m on the road and want to join another network?

Many Thanks,

You probably got the alert for an IP address in the 169 range (check with the Firewall logs).

When Windows does not see a network or DHCP server to get an IP address from it will assign an IP address in the 169 range. Your wireless connection probably had a temporary hiccup.