Comodo wants to let everything through?


I’m new to Comodo + relatively inexperienced with firewalls in general, I tried ZoneAlarm but it seemed to want to conflict with just about every other program on here… anywho - my problem is while Comodo is very flash it’s also super confusing, + I can’t work out how to simply set it so that if a program of any sort tries to access the internet then my firewall asks if it should be allowed to do that, stopping it in the first instance until I’ve made a decision… right now if I run a program it just throws it into the list as “allowed” which is fine for firefox or IE, but when it let Adobe Updater do its thing unhindered I have to question if it’s going to stop anything?

SO - after the preamble - how do I set Comodo to ask my permission whenever anything tries to access the internet?

Much thanks for any help + a huge apology if there’s an FAQ I missed that deals with this - I’ve done a bit of searching on here + come away more confused than when I started :-\

Adobe Updater is considered a safe application that’s why it is allowed access. Why do you want to block something that is safe? The white list has grown to include tons of safe programs so that people are not complaining because of the tons of pop ups. If you really want to block access to everything just right click on the comodo icon in the system tray. Go to firewall and set it to custom policy mode. From now on anything that is not on the application rules list will pop up a question for you to answer.

Excellent thanks!

Safe meaning not malware sure - but not so safe if versions beyond a certain point are unstable with my system! Thanks that cleared how Comodo works up for me significantly!