Comodo Wallpapers

hi ,
i want to help COMODO to be more populare and better so i made some wallpaper " i just added the words and edited some stuff " .

hope u like the wallpapers , this the links :

hope u enjoy it ,
bye (R)

Tx, man. The chicken rocks, and is now on my desktop.


Nice wallpapers. I love the chicken.

Thanks :smiley:

Great wallpapers, if you make anymore could you post them in the topic I started? That way all the wallpapers are in 1 place!


Justin, maybe you should include a link? ;D I didn’t notice where it was until now… ::slight_smile:

As you wish :slight_smile:,1017.0.html

heres one

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Awsome man, really well done. :wink: Looks hard.

Plz, for future use post HERE:,1017.0.html

hehe , thanx people
sorry justin , i didn’t know that u post wallpapers before me :-\

Anyway , I’m @ss ;D, i mean I’m the use @ss , but i forgot my login information , so i made a new user .
anyway , i’ll post any new wallpapers in Justin’s topic in the future (S)

EA, there are ways that you can retrieve your password, also if you want I can delete your old account.

chech this one

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Thanks for it :-TU

Looks nice (:WIN)

I am glad you like it. I will try to make some more of them. An if you like it you can spread it to others. It is good and free commercial right (:WAV)

Ok, here are some of the wallpaper, that are actualy edited version of various microsoft wallpaper. I hope I do not break any copyright material. If so, someane inform me, please.
enjoy them

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I appoligise for many grammar mistakes. I use all my fingers when I type and therefore I make some mistakes. And english is not my native language (:TNG)
have a nice day