Comodo WAF Expired can't signup for new licence on Comodo Sign-Up Page

Trying to signup on Comodo Sign-Up Page but no products available:

Any ideas?

My comodo waf expired. Sais Sorry, no products available.

What now thought it was free?

Tell me your login in PM and we’ll renew your license.
Unfortunately we have not automatic license renew yet.

My license expired and I PM’d yesterday and haven’t received a reply as of yet and still seeing the following in the cPanel plugin:

Current rules version 1.21 (Connection error: Auth failed)



If your license keys are expired, please, send me your logins or keys (more preferable) in PM.


I don’t know if it still the correct way to renew the license but i have sent a pm to akabakov.

Licenses that should expire during the next three months are renewed for 1 year.

Same problem here again.
Cannot login in comodo waf page, says I have no valid licenses. When I try to signup again it says I must select a product but there is no option to select a product

Please, send me your login in PM. Thanks.

mine also expired and how to renew?

please, tell me your login in PM.

Same issue here, I sent you my auth details yesterday. Thanks !

Sent a PM, thank you for your support

I send a PM.

I don’t work for this team now. So, please, don’t write me ■■■. Thanks.