Comodo vulnerability

I just watched this video and what do you guys think?

just look here:

Has this vulnerability been fixed yet?

Just run your browser in SandboxIE … problem solved.

I could be wrong about this, but, I think CIS 6 is just going to automatically sandbox your entire OS.

Egemen said this…
Always run your WEB browsers in COMODO Sandbox by adding them to Sandbox pemanently. And while doing this, make sure File system and registry virtualization are both enabled. If you do this and accidently get gpcode or something like gpcode or actually any virus from WEB, they will be running in a virtual file system and hence they can not acess your files or folders.

You can also directly run GPCODE with right-click menu in CIS sandbpx and you will see it cant do anything.

Ofcourse CIS is capable of preventing it proactively as of now. However, these settings are not configured by default.

So why is COMODO not making an immediate HACK to prevent this proactively. Some other products are preventing it already.

We do not need to make a HACK but offer you a proper solution which is proven to prevent this and any similar threat while not affecting your daily work with your computer.

The proper solution is the active file system virtualization of SOME automatically sandboxed applications by default. Yes, we are right now working on this kind of a ideal automatic sandbox which is going to be in CIS 6 and will work similar to method 2.