COMODO Vulnerability Analyzer - BETA - Version Released

Hi Guys,
This is a quick fix to yesterday release where we encountered Vista OS specific crash:;msg289320#msg289320

32-Bit Setup

Size: 8.75 MB (9,183,528 bytes)
MD5: 740d64236198bccfc4c91c6df47b2837
SHA1: db20cff2692f93921d4e2d80994a71c18ac295b6

64-Bit Setup

Size: 11.5 MB (12,123,432 bytes)
MD5: c2441980be045901d7456a2318964543
SHA1: c0dc2bacaba80e79b907bdb66f02bdb254e85119

We have issued updates also to all previous versions.
Thanks Ronny for helping in sorting that crash.


Great work guys.

Keep up the great work

:smiley: >:-D >:-D >:-D >:-D >:-D >:-D >:-D

Hi,fellows:)Just installed it.Looks great and seems to work fine on windows 7x86 -v.7127 :-TU

Wow, I have noticed that this was a not so old post.

But I have just installed it this afternoon and just like bequick says: “It looks great and works fine”. It really does. :slight_smile:

So glad I joined this forum. I’m quite learning a lot.

And for the people behind this Comodo VA, an excellent job for you guys! even very quick in fixing bugs. :slight_smile:

Thanks alot i m going to try it now

As CVA has been discontinued, I’m going to close this topic.

best regards,