comodo vs avast

Any opinion about comodo vs avast antivirus?


Although Comodo is still a beta I like it better then avast, at the moment avast! has better detection then Comodo but Comodo is getting better every day with the new updates released! Also there are no limits to Comodo Antivirus, you get all the features even though its free! avast! is light on resources but uses a module called the “Web Shield” and it is not needed, they also have a lot of other modules that are not needed they just eats up extra CPU and RAM, avast! is a good antivirus and at the moment has better detection but I still like Comodo because they have amazing support for this product, they come out with updates all the time and they have free support both by phone and by e-mail. Where as Alwil Software only offers their phone support to the companies that use avast! Professional. Although avast! has good protection now I will go with Comodo for excellent protection in the future.

Gets popup saying Comodo Antivirus just updated

Well you say Web Shield is not needed, but we say that’s not true. Read on Wilders in latest F-Prot thread. I explained everything there. Network Shield is also a nice addition with zero overhead. Generic detection part of avast! is also geting extremelly strong lately, which is almost equivalent to heuristics.

I agree with RejZoR, both Web and Network Shield save my PC a few times; both prevent malware from even entering the PC in the first place.

but I still like Comodo because they have amazing support for this product, they come out with updates all the time and they have free support both by phone and by e-mail. Where as Alwil Software only offers their phone support to the companies that use avast! Professional.

You can contact avast! technical support by email. Please read about it here. Alwil even has a support forum.

I also agree with RejZoR & System, the Web Shield is a fine transparent zero overhead component.

I must also add that you can turn off modules that are “not needed”.

I can’t really comment further and keep on topic, since I’ve not tried CAVS yet.

Edit: Got someone’s name wrong. oops.

Yes I do know that avast! to has a forum, and I am a registered member there and still go and visit from time to time. However IMO the “Web Shield” is not needed because anyviruses that do indeed get in will be stopped by the “Standard Shield” I agree the “Network Shield” is needed because it can help stop attacks. RejZoR I am not putting down avast! I like avast! it is a great antivirus program, but I have found that I like Comodo, Comodo has “Heuristics” in which avast! lacks, Comodo has a scheduler in which the Home Edition lacks, Comodo has free phone support in which the free version lacks, Comodo is getting Spyware Detection implented in which avast! lacks. That is 4 things that the Free Comodo antivirus has over the free avast! yes I know detection for Comodo is not there yet, however it is getting closer and closer, also Comodo has a much easier interface for the less experienced computer user.


As another user who swithced from avast! I do agree with Justin on this. CAVS is a great and fast improving product, that (when all definitions are added) will easily rival avast!


Another Free aVast! convert here. :wink:

Web Shield prevents viruses from actually accessing your PC. I don’t know about you but I rather prevent a virus from coming in rather to detect and removing it later on.

but I have found that I like Comodo, Comodo has "Heuristics" in which avast! lacks,

avast! used generic detections which ,RejZoR said, work almost similiar as heuristics. Heuristics can give you quite a few false positives if you’re not too careful.

Comodo has a scheduler in which the Home Edition lacks

You can learn how to scheduled automatic scan with Home Edition here

Comodo has free phone support in which the free version lacks

Free long distance calls? I’m not arguing you on this one, I’m just really curious. ??? :slight_smile:

Comodo is getting Spyware Detection implented in which avast! lacks.

avast!,in fact, detects some spyware; but it’s mainly focusing on viruses since it is a antivirus.

I’m really sorry if I sound a bit harsh, but I just want to get some facts straight. CAV is new in the fields and I understand that Comodo staff is working really hard to bring up the updates ASAP. I just don’t think we should compare CAV with other antivirus softwares at the moment; it’s a bit early in my opinion…just wait till the final release is out and we’ll see. Please don’t get me wrong, I I have nothing against Comodo softwares (I enjoy using your firewall). Thanks.


Well yes lets wait and see!

But one important point!

I believe there are 3 levels in offering security

Currently AV products are good (good within a context of course) at 2… some try to do 1 utilising heuristic, but as fast as they can come up with some heuristic rules, the malware writers change the code etc.

I believe in 1!!!
of course because nothing is 100% you have to have 2 and 3!
but I believe in 1!!! :slight_smile:
so we are going to put 1 in CAVS :slight_smile:

what that means is that traditional methods of measuring the success of an “anti virus” product is not going to be applicable as detection is what they mainly measure.

Still though, I personally am looking forward to this new feature as it has been something that I wanted to implement since year 2000, but never had the right circumstances.



I really hope that CAVS would be out of its beta phase once my McAfee subscription expires ;D (which is next year). Cannot wait to see how are you going to integrate the ‘whitelist’ approach into an AV software.

Yours truly,

Justin, i’m not saying that Comodo sucks, but i wouldn’t put too much into it’s heuristics yet.
Emulator and unpacking engine in avast! is still miles ahead from Comodo AV. Sure they’re working hard, but Alwil is also (as well as all others). It’s kinda unpleasent to enter AV segment in current times. Most of larger companies entered it nearly 2 decades ago. Thats quiet alot of experience and processed info in such business.

RejZoR, I agree with you that it makes it difficult to enter a market where people have experience in that market already and we had to build that expertise which is not easy etc.

So to follow on what current AV vendors do by adding emulators and heuristics (btw we already have these done and will release it as well soon) is one way of getting into market.


But we are very good at what we do :slight_smile: ! We INNOVATE!

Lets see how this innovation will help in the AV segment.

My duty in life is to protect you! (dont’ ask me why :-)!!!) long story).
I believe I need to add some clever preventative techniques (not talking about heuristic or emulators as they are still sort of detection even though one could argue heuristic is prevention) to “STOP” malware, not just “DETECT” it! As detection works if the malware has caused damage already in majority of the time as this is the only time when signature gets added into av db to detect it etc…

Instead of trying to find whats bad, i want to create an eco-system where you know everything is good and its ok for them run! and use the methods of current AV techniques for detection when this prevention fails.


Well, if you detect it you already stopped it. And if you don’t detect anything in the first place you don’t have anything to remove either.



To answer an earlier post, yes free phone support :wink: Endpoint Detection and Response, Free - What is EDR Security?
also using the Windows Task Scheduler to run a scheduled scan with avast! is not as effective as a regular scan because it uses the avast! quickscanner, which is as it says a quickscanner, so it will not be as thorough and that is why I would not use the Windows Task Scheduler to start a scheduled scan.

Also avast! is in fact an antivirus, and nothing else, yes I know it detects some spyware (usually the really bad kind) but for the few users who do not know about spyware and have Comodo Antivirus will not need to worry about it, because Comodo will detect, remove, and prevent spyware. Where as avast! will only do that for some spyware. At the moment avast! is a better antivirus but I don’t expect it to be that way in the future. Now ask yourself this, what would you prefer? An antivirus that just detects and prevents viruses? Or an antivirus that detects and prevents Spyware, and Viruses, and has Heuristics? Sure avast! has features that are similar to Heuristics however it does create a lot of false positives.

Thats not true. It’s actually completelly wrong. QuickScan is the most thorough of them all as it’s primarly meant to scan selective files using right click, thus it has to be the most thorough.
Name QuickScan is just because you can quickly initiate a scan using right click without having to start Simple Interface first.

what if I don’t detect it because its a new virus?


Depends what/who you referred to by “I”…

If it was Comodo… I’d say “Bad Comodo!” … unless the Heuristics caught it, then I’d say “Good Comodo” :wink:

If it was aVast!.. I wouldn’t be able to say anything until I reloaded WinXP. :smiley:


avast! never seemed all that good with new viruses. Just look on their forums to see quite a few posts saying people had sent viruses to them and (3 months later) avast! still did not detect it, yet VirusTotal scan revealed many - if not all - other AVs did detect it.

Comodo on the other hand is added usualy in no more than a day :wink:

Also, many say avast! lacks in its detection compared to other AVs. Don’t get me wrong I liked avast!, but CAVS has far more potential, is constantly being developed, is going to get many new features, has spyware definitions, heuristics, and its detection is increasing substantially fast.