Comodo vs Avast - should I change?

I spoke to someone in the chat window earlier, though he didn’t seem to know much and ignored a few key aspects of the questions I had.

I want to change antivirus because Avast is forcing its users running Avast 8 to switch to Avast 9. I hate Version 9 for so many reasons. I need to know if Comodo has a specific feature that Avast has:

Let’s say that I Google “Eicar download”, the first result will have a website which contains an anti-malware test file. This test file is NOT a virus, but imitates a virus in terms of the coding. So, when I download any of the files (they have html, zip files etc), Avast will immediately pop up with a red bubble and tell me that this file is a “virus”. Actually, in this case, it says it’s the Eicar test file. I use this method to know whether or not the antivirus I have can block virus in this fashion. Furthermore, Avast will close the connection that specific download link, where the file is hosted - not the domain itself, but the specific page where it is.
This is the link that it blocks for example:

Look at the attachment to see my web browser and Avast while blocking Eicar.

See? It blocks the connection to that specific page, and NOT the page you were on before this. On top of things, Avast prevents the website from even allowing me to try and download the file. The standard download pop up does not even show up. That is, the options: “Open File” and “Save As”.

Can Comodo do THAT?

ALSO, Avast does something similar with images. Images may contain viruses, and so Avast will terminate any connection that could potentially be attempted. Basically, Avast follows the links on the Google Images pages (so you don’t even need to click on any image). If it determines that an image is embedded with a virus, the red box will appear. I do believe that the image will be suppressed (not sure, as this hasn’t happened to me in a long time). Can Comodo do THAT?

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I see much of your post pertains glowing and much ‘Bridge of San Luis Rey’.

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I will not fear to tread the Internet Bridge of San Luis Rey after having installed Comodo Internet Security.

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Comodo does not have a link scanner.

Thank you Eric. I am stuck with Avast for the moment I suppose :confused:
I have Comodo’s firewall and was hoping to couple both together. Maybe in the future?

Avast does have some nifty things to be certain, but I hate UI changes. Drives me crazy.

But you may want to keep an eye on how Privdog develops over time:

I thought PrivDog was a third party developer(?)

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lol @Eric.

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Lets get to the basics…

the reason why you want a link scanner is to prevent infection right?

If you want to prevent infection, then you must stop an unknown executable from running with unfettered access in your computer.

Stopping known bad executables will still leave you vulnerable to unknown bad executables (lets be honest thats how every virus start their life as…an unknown bad executable…)

Melih, it’s not so much a link scanner as the restriction brought from a link scanner and similar things. Also, if you’re browsing images, it’s impossible to determine what Google will show you in the multi image previews. So, when Avast blocks the link to an image - that is, an image which you have not even clicked on at all - it’s a level of protection that is pretty nice to have. Now, as for exe files, you are correct, though you forget the heuristics aspects of antiviruses. After all, unless I am wrong Comodo has as Heuristics and HIPS type of scanner, plus the other traditional methods.

Furthermore, sometimes legitimate websites sometimes contain - either unknowingly, accidentally or knowingly bundled up - legitimate programs with spyware. I remember Notepad++ containing different downloads. The very first was with a spyware. Notepad++ is a well known and legitimate program. Even Microsoft at some point was infected, at least Avast followed a link from my XBOX 360 controller’s program folder, and detected a malicious virus on their website. Perhaps a temporary breach? As I believe that even Adobe was affected at some point, and it even had leaked passwords, no?

The reality is that many legitimate programs need access to core files. Do I like this idea? Like you, I don’t either. Unfortunately, there is little to prevent this. Now, I do run Threatfire, which is THE program to own in terms of being aware of every single attempt from a program trying to connect to the internet, installing a driver, making itself start at startup etc… There are 5 levels of protection. The third is the recommended one… but I go higher than that - sure it gives me more warnings. Unlike the Comodo firewall, it will literally stop a program from doing anything. Like freezing it before I decide what to do. Comodo firewall (well, pretty much any firewall) does not offer this type of protection.

My goal with my antivirus is to ensure four things: protect me from bad images embedded with viruses, and thus blocking the links. As well as blocking downloads and shutting down the access to that url. Third, protecting me from known bad urls. Lastly, blocking viruses in real time and viruses that somehow got their way on my pc (assuming that would ever happen). With my level of security, this should not happen.


with all due respect, i don`t think you understood how Comodo firewall works. (here is the statement that lead me to this conclusion

Comodo firewall (well, pretty much any firewall) does not offer this type of protection.)

I would kindly invite you to learn more about it.

There are many great forum members more than happy to help here, as well as many video resources at .

With all due respect, they don’t. I have tried with many applications. Threatfire would not allow it in any way, shape of form. Firewalls don’t exactly stop internal intrusion at the same level Threatfire does. I have tried this many times, and came to that conclusion.

What’s keeping you from using the Proactive Security configuration where the HIPS is enabled which will give that type of protection? If you want utmost control you can notch it up to Paranoid Mode.

Yes Eric, you can lol. I found that with Comodo (could only be me), the more I upped the security, the more it would bug my system, due to the nature of the processes involved.

How do you mean bugged your system? Isn’t that what you were looking for?

Well, it would create unwanted reactions from my PC - either bsods, or lock up my PC.

Could you be more specific? Is it turning to Proactive config that’s causing the havoc or rather notching up to Paranoid? In case of notching up to Paranoid temporary freezing are known to happen during closing down of Windows and that requires to make make certain rules.

Other than that BSOD’s may indicate a bug or adverse interaction with left over drivers or services of previously installed security programs. A possible left over can cause all sort of “strange effects”. Please run clean up tools for all security programs you had in the past. A list can be found here at the Eset website: ESET Knowledgebase .

This has happened some time ago, and since then I’ve re-installed my OS. I’ve also cleaned up the registry as well. Thanks for the link though, bookmarked it.

Turning on the HIPS as an added layer of security (which in principle is something I want to have turned on) bugs up my PC. The HIPS on the Firewall is currently on training mode (which works fine), but integrated with the other Comodo components messes my PC up. Not sure why.