Comodo Versions Question?.

I have Comodo Firewall version installed on my Pc. This morning while checking out the Computeractive site I saw they had a Comodo firewall version on their free downloads page.

not being very PC savvy my question is, should I uninstall my version and install this newer one or will mine be updated automatically.

I am very happy with the version of Comodo FW I have which in conjunction with my Avast Antivirus, Spybot S&D, Adaware, Spyware blaster and AVG Anti spyware I haven’t had a single thing to get rid of from my Pc in a week now.

I would just like someone to explain what exactly version is/does?.

Thanks in advance for any help here,

version is a beta. its not released as production release.
as soon as its released as a production release your firewall will automatically alert you to the new version and ask you to update it.


You have a beta-section in this forum

Here is a thread to the latest beta:,4068.0.html

Thanks for that guys. I will just wait for the final version though.