COMODO V7 firewall

we all the users of comodo firewall free version & CIS premium free version wants a much much improved version of firewall in the upcoming comodo v7 series of products be it in terms of features or protection level , we want to see important new features like application control & program control that will give alert for each & every incoming & outgoing connections attempts made by any programs on any ports , also comodo firewall should be well updated to completely prevent & block any sorts & kinds of latest intrusion & hack attempts from the internet on any ports & zones & also it should detect & block IRC & channel exploit based attacks & DDOS & DOS & buffer overflow & any types of port scanning attacks on any ports


Wow, you pretty much describe comodo firewall…
Dont know what you are using instead… Or did you just forgot to make the settings?

Like clockwork said, most if not all of these features are already available in CIS… Possible exception would be DDoS protection, if you’re targeted by a serious DDoS then no software firewall will help you, it’s that simple, it just doesn’t work that way… I mean, if your pipes are clogged then what is a firewall at the end station going to do about it?

comodo firewall v7 could add some feature like net guard present in McAfee Internet Security 2014 Firewall that helps in keeping an eye on each & every single program installed in your desktop or laptop & alerts you every time each of those programs tries to make any kinds of suspicious or malicious inbound or outbound connections or any port based attacks & other sorts of intrusion attempts & this feature in mcafee firewall has been so good as reported by many of my friends who are working in some large software companies that it has changed the shape of the mcafee internet security program & has made it really superior , so me as an user & fan of comodo would like to see some similar kind of feature in CIS v7 firewall so that we can get the very best out of the comodo firewall present in CIS premium free version

Mukunda. Could you please make sentences instead of one long sentence with paragraph length? Please start a sentence with a capital letter and end with a . and a space. That makes reading easier. I noticed I am not reading your posts because of a lack of structure. It prevents me from skimming to have an initial idea what it may be about.

ok dear EricJH, as you wish but please forward all of my previous & future messages to the respected developers & development team of comodo softwares so that they can apply the betterments & add new & necessary features to the upcoming comodo v7 series of products because we all the millions of users of comodo would like to see our favourite free security software at the top be it in terms of features & protection & security level

I second that…that would really make things easier.