comodo v5 can't update from last night

my pc at home and other pc at company can’t autoupdate and manual update
from last night
what should i do?

Did you mean to post this in the Beta section?

Either way please see this post.

Are you referring to av definitions update or to program update.

The av definitions update has had some hiccups over the last 24 hrs. In that case give it a little time. It had another hiccup here about two hours ago but that got straightened out.


When posting Update issues please state you location ( Country ) or your IP. That way we can check and troubleshoot the issue.

Also, if it gets stuck at certain update file , please let us know about that one too.


I have problem with update too. Comodo give me error always. I have attatched screeen of error. This error has been repeated so many times in last two days. Today I find that I haven’t latest program updates probably. Comodo Internet Security version is: 5.0.162636.1135 and virus definitions database is 6277. Help me please.

[attachment deleted by admin]

The updating problem of the av definitions returned for now.

Try temporarily changing the download host to . But don’t forget to change it back once it has settled again. Otherwise it will disturb load balancing I think.

Same here in Australia on defs 6277.

Thanks Eric I did have same problem here, your link for download host did fix the problem. The link I think updated faster than the standard one, I know you said put it back after but would there be negative effects to leave it. I don’t quite understand disturb load balancing, could you explain this please? Thanks Eric you are a saviour once again. Kind regards

Comodo has multiple servers over the world. Ronny has shown Wireshark logs from the update process and it shows that during the updating CIS will connect to various servers and will then choose from which ones it downloads the updates. One database make come from EU1, another one from EU3 for example. If I remember correctly there are also servers in the US. May also on other continents.

Load balancing is distributing load over multiple servers in order to make as efficient use of available resources without overloading individual servers.

Don’t forget to switch back to the default download server address once this is over.

Edit: just switched back to the default download server address and it seems over now.

Thanks very much for explaining that Eric. I have also switched back already and it appears to be working correctly here also. Kind regards to you.