Comodo V3

Thought I would run this through to see if there is any knowledge on this.

I have been running V3 without many problems
But on the 10//04/08 I had to upgrade AOl this in turn gave me a new Broad band connection
I know people have been having problems with their connections but that’s not the issue here so far the problem is when I tested Comodo V3 in shields up it was showing one port open & all the rest of the ports closed not stealth.
So I uninstalled V3 reinstalled same thing happened.
So I decided to download the earlier version of Comodo.
This sorted the problem & now all ports are stealth.
Something very strange is going on & I just wondered if anyone could shed light on the problem.

One more thing I find using V3 is when my Skype is on Shields up shows one port open but on 2.4v it shows all ports in stealth mode

If you have a modem\router be sure its fully stealthed. A hardware firewall is your fist line of defense. Then simply go to Firewall\Stealth Port Wizard in Comodo 3.0 and select the bottom one for block all incoming connections.


When I select the above “Block all incoming connections” and then click “Finish” I get the Success box pop-up stating “Your firewall has been configured accordingly”. Great! However, if I go back then and re-open the “Stealth ports wizard” I see the top button highlighted and not the “Block all incoming connections” button which I previously selected. Did the protection drop or default back to the top option (if so, why?), or is this just a default choice when openning this wizard and my previous choice is still active (“Block all incoming connections”).

Thanks, hope my question is not clear as mud.

That is the default selection. Go to Firewall\Advanced\Network Security Policy and you will see your global rules applied.

Thanks for the reply I am not using my router what I did was to re install V3 & stealth the ports like you said opened skype & tested in Shields up all ports were stealth except port 0 it was showing closed. Am I right in saying 0 is not a port?

Thanks VT!