Comodo V3 with Leak Protection and Utorrent questions

I have installed Comodo V3 in Windows XP PRO.I have used the Leak Protection option for the installation and i use Train with Safe Mode and Clean PC Mode.I have run Stealth PC ports per case and in the Attack Detection settings only the default Block Fragmented IP Datagrams.I have add 2 rules in the Application Rules for Utorrent. 1.ALLOW TCP OR UDP IN FROM IP ANY TO IP(Static IP) WHERE SOURCE PORT IS ANY AND DESTINATION PORT IS(My port) 2.ALLOW TCP OR UDP OUT FROM IP(Static IP) WHERE SOURCE PORT IS ANY AND DESTINATION PORT IS ANY. Utorrent works just fine.But when i close Utorrent i can still see incoming connections for about 1 minute.After 1 minute it stops receiving incoming connections.Before that i installed Comodo with D+.Done all the things above except i deactivated D+ after a while.Run Utorrent but when i close it incoming connections didn’t stop at all. My Questions are: 1.Do i have to add a rule except these 2? 2.Do i need do enable something else in the Attack Detection settings? 3.Should Comodo stop the incoming immediately after the application is closed? 4.Do i have to add some rules in the Global Rules like Comodo V2 have? 5.Does the firewall works right without the D+ activated? Stealth test passed but the leak test was blocked by BOClean :BNC :BNC

My friend, you should take a quick search for “utorrent” settings here in the forums (there’s a plenty) for the rest of the rules you may (or may not) need - if your dl’s are okay then what the heck, right?

As for the continuing traffic after closing; my experience is that inbound traffic continues for a bit (sometimes longer than others) due to ghost packets, etc. But all you really have to do is go to Summary > Stop All Activities and this will kill all of your connections.

Just my experience, again, I’m no expert (:WIN).

This did it fer me:;topicseen

Thanks for the response but as i said i don’t have a problem with utorrent.Could someone more experienced user answer my questions? :■■■■

Do you mean uTorrent still shows on the main GUI of Comodo as active even when you closed it out? Look in your task manager and you will see its shit down. Do you send uTorrent to the tray or do you completely close it out?

I exit the program and not minimize it to the tray.I have seen the same problem in Comodo v2.4.But not always.The most of the times V2.4 stops incoming connections immediately after i shutdown utorrent.I use Peerguardian 2 and in there i can see incoming connections as well to the port of utorrent.I think that maybe it’s normal afterall.I can see in V3 the same amount of bytes.186 B in 0 B out.Can you reply to the other questions that i have posted?By the way can someone direct me to a post that explains when and in which applications i use trusted application,isolated e.t.c.I use trusted application for my antivirus and antispyware for now.I have set the the entire program files of each application as trusted. :■■■■

All of my firewall program entries are trusted except for svchost,system and explorer.exe. All my D+ entires are either custom or trusted. All my games are trusted.