Comodo V3 + DefensePlus RuleSets


I use CPF v3 +DefensePlus with the firewall set on Train with Safe Mode and DefensePlus set on Clean PC, and thats it.

I do not have the skills to develop rules which would tighten up my security further. Does anyone know of any RuleSets that are available to help less skilled users of Comodo?

Thank you


Hi Terry, I think your settings are just fine. I use the same except for firewall level, which I’ve set to “Custom Policy Mode”.


Your overall settings are fine. Comodo makes rules for you, but they often are a bit more open than necessary. A few things to do without going into developing your own rules right away, especially for the firewall:

  1. When you are defining custom rulesets initially, CFP3 will make much more focused rules if you go to firewall behavior setting/alert settings and set the slider to “high”. You can try “very high”, but I find this makes a lot of trivially different rules for some applications. See what makes you comfortable, though.
  2. Edit your policies after Comodo creates them. If you already have some custom policies, see what they say and try to substitute a predefined policy if appropriate. Use the predefined policies for things like web browser, email client, tcp out, … since they often contain other rules you may still need, are in a compact form, and end in a “block and log” that will help you see if anything unexpected is happening.
    You will find things much easier to follow if you have a small number of well chosen rules for each application rather than either an allow all or a whole raft of narrow rules. And the suggestions above will help Comodo to help you until you feel more comfortable with modifying the rules later for some of your unique needs if necessary. :slight_smile:
    For D+, leaving more things as custom policies is preferred by many. The gradation of predefined policies is not a lot, so if you know and trust the program, it ends up being either trusted or windows system anyway if you use a predefined policy. With a custom policy, you at least only allow (and remember) the things the program actually asks to do.