Comodo V3.0.16.295 Stopping Task bar Shortcuts.

I have had V3 since the first day without any problems over the first two updates. However after yesterdays update I got a BSOD due to a bug check on signing in to my PC this morning when I clicked onto the Comodo task bar icon. This started a few different sign in problems such as my sound card not starting. After a bit I decided to come to these forums and see if anyone was having similar problems and after reading some threads decided to download a new V3.0.16.295. I stored this on my desktop and unplugged the power to my Cablemodem.

I then uninstalled Comodo V3 via my Add/Remove programs facility. I then rebooted my PC and switched off Comodo BoClean and my Avira Antivirus. I next installed the new V3.0.16.295 and followed the instuctions installing the recommended version with Def+ and doing the AV Scan. On completion I rebooted my PC and the first time I had to use the restart button on my tower as my mouse cursor had frozen. On the second reboot this was fine so when I was sure everything was working as it should I then reconnected my Cablemodem and connected first to my MSN Hotmail account and then opened Firefox to make sure my internet connections were working. On finding that all seemed well I signed out and took my dogs for a run.

On returning and signing in again though I found that the Comodo short cut icon in my taskbar loaded first almost immediately, much faster than the previous version which usually took at least a minute after everything else. This though is where my problem is as this is now the only taskbar icon I have. Previously I had taskbar icons for my Philips Soundcard, my volume control, my Avira Antivirus and Comodo BoClean. These have now all disappeared although on checking they all seem to be working as usual in the backround. Can someone advise me how to get these taskbar icons back and why this has happened.

One positive I have noted in comparison to my previous version is that I no longer get the hundreds of connection attempts I received with the previous one. I think this might be due to disconnecting the power to my cable modem this time. I know several people suffer from this problem and maybe one of you experts will be able to make a connection as to why this would help.

Again thanks in advance for any help offered.

I did a reboot and this has returned the missing icons but has no-one any ideas on why it happened in the first place?.