Comodo + uTorrent = intenet browser jammed

I installed new Comodo internet security and when uTorrent (newest version) is on, it totally jams my internet browser (ie, firefox). I didn’t have this problem until I installed Comodo.
I have done settings to utorrent like they say in here
I have also tried to put uTorrent and firefox to trusted application but it doesn’t help.

I have utorrnt, firefox, CIS
I have my comodo on the highest settings and use all the options. My internet is fine

Do you get a pop-up??
Are you using Defense +
I don’t think this applys but what port are you using for utorrent
I don’t suppose you can do a screen shot of your firewall logs

Just trying to narrow some possible ideas :SMLR

How are your settings for uTorrent for Max total connections and the amount of upload? How much is thef the upload capacity of your connection?