Comodo used to be great, but NOT anymore!

I use Comodo for about 2 years, mostly because I work in AUTOCAD and often have a problem with acad.lsp (or acadapp.lsp) worm.
I recomended to over 30+ installation, only because this worm.
You used to recognize acad.lsp as worm, and do not anymore,
have a lots of koleagues using Autocad (surveryors, construction engeniers, planers…), and all of them used Comodo because this worm, but they started to uninstalling it.
PLEASE START AGAIN TO WORK AGAINST acad.lsp, and you will have a lot of new and old costumers !!!

Hello Vlajko76,

Thank you very much for your feedback and could you please let us know the details of your problem ?

We would appreciate if you could fill in a bug report template and inform me for the link. Comodo Forum

Let me know what you expect to see.

We would be happy to help you about this.

Kind Regards