COMODO urgently needs to add some web filtering & antiphising component

comodo is lacking very much the presence of an web filtering & antiphising component in CIS premium free version & it has been proved by a lot of tests & also the realtime protection power of the antivirus engine of comodo in CIS premium free version & comodo antivirus free version needs lot’s of improvement in reality in the upcoming next program updates of comodo security products , the proper detection & complete removal & cleanup capabilities of any types of threats & malwares & advanced complex forms of new malwares & deeply embedded & blended forms of threats & malwares & complex stubborn rootkits & keyloggers & worms & trojans for the antivirus engine of comodo in CIS premium free version & other comodo products requires lot’s of improvement in reality specially for operating systems like windows 8 32/64 bit & the upcoming windows 8.1 because comodo products are not doing well on windows 8 platforms which they really should do because windows 8/8.1 is going to be the most stable & mostly used & most popular operating system of the future , please check my attachments

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I find it very odd that comodo internet security is tested for anti phishing and web filtering when the testing organisation knows very well it doesnt contain those facilities lol. ;D ;D

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their aim > pillory

I don’t think the program needs web filtering or anti-phishing components. As I have said before, I think those functions should be the responsibility of your browser. In my opinion, IE does a good job in both areas.

I agree that the AV component could use better cleanup capability but it is so hard for bad things to get through if you use the entire suite that cleanup should practically never be needed. Detection by the AV doesn’t need to be as strong in CIS because of the other modules, especially the Auto-sandbox/ Behavior Blocker. All the tests I have seen that count the sandboxing in the protection figures show CIS at 100% or very close to it in preventing infection.

I don’t think these things are urgent at all. Many of these testers don’t fully understand how CIS works.

I don’t think it’s wrong for evaluation sites to test for web filtering and anti-phishing. However, I do not think that web-filtering should matter in the final scoring if the software is still able to stop the malware for infecting the computer, regardless of whether it’s detected or stopped in some other way.

Also, I would have liked to see a differentiation between protection and detection, but this is a complaint I have for most tests.

But many browsers have anti-phishing capabilities and i would assume comodo dragon if used with the full suite will give this protection.
There are also many separate browser extensions which give web filtering and anti-phishing too so i dont think CIS having this functionality is such a big issue and if comodo seriously thought it was a big issue then they would have implemented it by now. ;D

Actually, after looking again, I absolutely disagree with this test.

I had first thought that it was meant to be a test of internet security software, but after looking again I see that it’s a test of antivirus programs. I can understand the assumption that an internet security software may be thought to protect against phishing and have a web filter (although that is debatable), but I would not expect an antivirus to have this.

I noticed also that avast free and comodo firewall were tested and strangely this combination does not register any anti phishing results what so ever.

I was under the impression that avast has a web and network shield.

Strange results. :o

Avast definitely does have a Web Shield and a Network Shield, at least the older ones did. The upcoming version has consolidated things and now there are only 3 “shields”, File Shield, Web Shield, and Mail Shield, the last of which is probably unnecessary. The Phishing protection will be a browser plugin.

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Web filtering is a waste of resources IMO.

Antiphishing is a waste of space IMO.

web & url filtering & antiphising is one of the most important & must needed & core feature of any antivirus or internet security suite be it free or paid , the very unknown & new threats & malwares which infects your computer via unknown websites can instantly & quickly be stopped by only an web filtering component only & we the billions of users of comodo products browse the web & several new webpages daily but we aren’t protected from the webpages that could deliver malware & can completely corrupt our web browser & internet connectivity & other things as well & for billions of home user’s of comodo who does active online shopping or banking & antiphising is a must for them , web filtering & antiphising component in any web browsers are not at all reliable & should & must be developed from a reputable security software vendor like comodo , comodo secure dns is a total failure in all aspects for which it was built , so the need of an separate web & url filtering & antiphising component is much much necessary in CIS premium free version & all other comodo products to make CIS premium a complete & perfect security suite in all aspects & also the proper & complete removal & cleanup capabilities of any kinds & types of threats & malwares & stubborn rootkits & bootkits & keyloggers & other advanced complex & deeply embedded & blended forms of threats & malwares & the realtime protection power for the antivirus engine of CIS premium free version & comodo free antivirus requires a lot of improvement specially on windows 8/8.1 (32/64 bit) based operating systems because comodo is really not performing well as an antivirus on the windows 8 environment & needs lot’s of serious amount of improvements & developments in reality because windows 8/8.1 is the operating system of the future & currently the best operating system from microsoft

The issue with your assertion that a web-filter is of utmost need for CIS is that all of those pieces of malware which are undetected, which you are correct that a web-filter can cut down on the number of undetected malware which reach a user’s computer, will not be able to affect the user’s computer if they have CIS installed. The difference is that all unknown files, which all undetected malware will fall into that category, will automatically be restricted from harming the computer. Thus, your computer is protected from harm, even if malware is able to reach your computer.

That said, I do believe that Comodo DNS needs a significant amount of work, and for the time being I would note recommend that it be trusted as a major line of defense.

it’s not just the issue of an urgent need of an web & url filtering & antiphising component in all comodo security software but it is also the very very important issue regarding the huge amount of improvements required in the realtime protection power & the proper & complete removal & disinfection & cleanup capabilities of any types of threats & malwares & any of their remainants & traces for the antivirus engine of comodo in CIS premium free version & comodo antivirus free version on windows 8/8.1 based operating systems (32/64 bits ) because windows 8/8.1 is currently the most stable operating system from microsoft & is also going to be the operating system of the future

How is the cleanup of CCE on Windows 8 right now? I ask because I haven’t heard of any issues, but if there are some it’s important to report those, if they have not already been reported, so CCE can be improved.


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I don’t see any “urgent” need for any of these things.

And its perfectly clear that comodo see no “urgent” need for it either. :slight_smile:

In my opinion. A webfilter would be nice. Coodo has a start with comodo DNS servers (Blocks some stuff), but It isn’t urgent as others have said. I use Bitdefender trafficlite in comodo dragon. so there are webfiltering products that can work with comodo.

Trafficlight is full of FP :-TD