Comodo updater virus/pup/false positive?

A day or two ago, Avast suddenly flipped out and quarantined a few Comodo Dragon files. i think this was when dragon was updating itself to 33.1, but I’m not sure.
It quarantined a few files, and then prompted to run a boot time scan (which i did) and which found a few other comodo dragon related viruses/pups.


…/appdata/local/temp/UpdateCheckerSetup.exe Win32:Somoto-J [PUP]

(11 of 52 say virus)

c:/windows/temp/dragon_setup.exe Win32:Dropper-Gen [drp]
…/appdata/comodo/dragon/User Data/default/file system/002/t/00/00000000 Win32:Somoto-M [PUP]

So I’m wondering if these are false positives, or if the installer that comodo uses has a bad reputation (PUP is potentially unwanted, not exact virus, right?) or if my system got infected in some way?

It’s likely a false positive form Avast. Please submit it to Avast as false positive and await their judgment.