Comodo Update

Ok, something weird is happening here. I’m rebuilding my wife’s computer, and it says the version 5.3.176757.1236. I downloaded CIS (free) from Comodo. After installation, I clicked on “Check for Updates”, updated it, it’s after this, it said 5.3.176757.1236. However, when I click “Check for Updates” again, it still says there are updates available. I click to download and update, it “flashes” and then says something about vendor files (I couldn’t make it completely out), and the version remains the same. I click “Check for Updates” again, and it says there are no updates, and the version remains unchanged.

However, Comodo on my computer is also 5.3.176757.1236, and I click “Check for Updates”, it says there are no updates.

This seems weird to me! The versions are the same, but yet my wife’s computer said it had updates. I’ve been in IT for 35+ years, and even when a small update was done, a new version number would show.

Any ideas? Remember, I downloaded it from Comodo.

Your wifes computer would have been just updating the trusted vendors list, no version change.
Your computer possibly had the updated TVL already via cloud or last update. Hope this helps.

This explains it better. Since it was only a “flash”, I barely saw the vendor/vendors… I wasn’t 100% sure what the story was.

Glad to help. All the best and Kind regards.