Comodo Update tonight 19/7/11 @ 2205hrs UK time?.

I am running the 64 bit version of Comodo CIS 5.5.1383 on Windows 7 and just afew minutes ago I got a Comodo notification that updates were available. I clicked on the check for updates option in “More” and the update now, a short update occurred and was successful but no reboot was neccessary so I checked under “About” to find that the version number had not changed ie still v1383. I next came here to find out what the update was but can find no information on an update tonight at all. Has any one else had this message and if not is this normal or should I worry whether Comodo has been compromised?. Thanks in advance for any clarification.

Yes, a little update, but no reboot and the version is the same as before

What is this update about?
Why is the version number unchanged after this update?
Why don’t Comodo ever change the release notes web page after an update is released at Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year ??

I will hold off on this update till I see Comodo staff answer these questions.

This kind of quiet updates are usually for Trusted Vendors List…

The Release Notes are notoriously behind.

I am currently using a test version of the upcoming 5.8 beta so I cannot check for myself but since there is no announcement in the release topic then it was like siketa says an update for the Trusted Software Vendors list.

Same here

Thank you for the replies.