Comodo Update awry


I rec’d an update notification this morning to update Comodo firewall. I clicked yes twice and I saw it working in the system tray for awhile but then it disappeared. No notification that it was finished. So I rebooted just to make sure ('cause the initial message said that I’d need to reboot) and as soon as I logged back in to XP, I got prompted with the same messages again.

I went through the same process this time around except that I didn’t reboot. Well, a few minutes ago the “do you want to update” message appeared just as if I’d never gone through the process at all. This time I simply ignored it and said No. Figured I check with y’all to see what’s up with dat.

Any suggestions? ~Tis very frustrating. Thanks.


I have just had my PC updated and it is a big update. it is more like a reinstallation. It took almost 30 minutes on my Broadband connection. I think you may be shutting it down before it is finished. When it finished I was prompted on rebooting my PC. Be patient.

I tried to update after receiving the message and received the error “error 106: could not complete update process”. Using version on XP machine.


This may be due to the Comodo Update servers being very busy, if you cannot update I recommend a fresh install.

You can download 2.4 HERE


would i lose any of the "learning behaviour or settings with a fresh install? also would i need to uninstall first?


Yes all of your current Comodo rules and settings will be lost and restored to the default settings. Yes you would need to uninstall first.

If you must keep your rules in tact but would still like to do a fresh install I recommend looking into the Script to Backup Comodo Firewall Rules.


This seems to be a very nice free firewall, I’ve had it install for 2 days. But now I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO unimpressed with knowing that in order to download the recent updates I’ll need to uninstall and start fresh, relearning behaviors, setting up ports for certain games etc. Nope sorry, this situation has turned me off to a good program, theres others out there that will actually download their updates without having this headache. Thanks just the same.

If you update from inside the program (when the servers aren’t overloaded), you don’t need to uninstall the previous version

If you want to do a clean install, you can make a backup of the settings before you uninstall previous version and install the new one:,5489.msg40803.html#msg40803

And the script that he mention:,2366.0.html

From version 3 of the firewall, a “load/save configuration feature” will be inside the program.

And yes, it is a very nice free firewall :wink:


Put off by a minor hiccup that could be fixed by a tiny amount of research, and your first post, rather than asking for help/assistance/advice is to say you’re out of here???

Fine by me. (:CLP)

I wish you luck finding a firewall that is A) secure, B) leak proof and C) totally silent and automatically knows what applications you run are OK.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I hate to ask - but I’ve been searching through all the forum links to get step-by-step directions on how to backup the settings and use the scripts. Frankly, I’ve never used scripts so it’s all a big muddle to me. I’ve copied and pasted the various forum messages related to how to create a batch file, etc. but having a summary of the steps and the how to for each step would be very useful. Otherwise, as you 've stated, I can always just download the updated version and go through all the learning again… Thanks if you can help. (:SAD)


Attached is a zip file which contains the backup script file. Open the ZIP file and extract the “cpf_backup.bat” file to your desktop. Double clicking this runs the script.

NOTE: Before running this script, open CPF and click on SECURITY - ADVANCED - MISCELLANEOUS and turn off the firewall registry protection.

When it runs, it checks for the presence of a folder called C:\CPFBACKUP". If it doesn’t exist, it creates it and then backs up the relevant registry keys. At the end of the process, you end up with a folder on your C: drive called CPFBACKUP, which contains a file called CPFRULES.REG. This is the extracted registry settings.

To restore these settings, once you have installed the latest version, turn registry protection off, as outlined above. In V2.4, you also need to do a right click on the system tray icon for CFP and adjust the security level to ALLOW ALL. Then, open the folder C:\CPFBACKUP and double click the CPFRULES.REG file. You will then get a message saying the contents have been merged. Adjust the security level back to Custom and turn registry protection back on. Reboot. The reboot is important to ensure the restored rules are working properly.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

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Hi Justin,

Thanks for the info on the slow server. Would’ve been nice if the upload process would have said that it had timed-out or something instead of just disappearing.

At any rate, I took your advice on the “upgrade” via uninstall and reinstall. Very simply, I opened Regedit and manually exported the following key and then imported it after the new install.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Personal Firewall

Btw, I use Open RegEdit to quickly get to keys. All you need is to paste a copy of the key’s path (such as the one provided in the script) into the search field and it’ll take you there pronto (just make sure Open RegEdit is ‘on top’ of Regedit).

Worked like a charm. Many thanks, Justin!


Just a quick note to say thanks for the instructions - they worked perfectly. All is well in Firewall Land again.

Well I have to report that I have the latest version up and running thanks to the assistance of this Forum (and Panic in particular. Do you ever sleep ?) …and very nice it is too :BNC

I would also wish sbelle good luck in the hunt for a better firewall. I have spent a great deal of time searching and evaluating many before settling with CFP. The download was a little frustrating but in the great scheme of things Oh so very minor !!



I’m not going to let a little OOPS drive me away from a good firewall. Really doesn’t take much effort to reteach it. I may have wasted 15 minutes or so. Lots of luck finding better.