Comodo unoffical test

here is an unofficial test using older malware. It has not yet to be arranged becasue results are still being posted but check it out, comodo cane in 2nd place by .12% in the 5000 test and 3th place tied with Immunet pro ( uses bitdefender engine) in the 500 test.

Comodo 495/500 (99%)

This demonstrates a remarkable improvement considering the relatively short amount of time that Comodo has been involved with developing an Antivirus engine.


how about this one

Emsisoft Antimalware 4986/5000 (99.72%)

Comodo 4980/5000 (99.6%)

Comodo AV is good in some test. It will be better If CAV is tested in more famous independent testers.

I heard that AV-Comparatives will test CAV in their future cycle.

do u have any idea when the june tests will be released i heard that comodo will be in it

MBAM 150/5000 (3%)… It is very suspect. 88)

I don’t know how long it is.
And still waiting for it.

They all depends on the samples choices.
The set of malware can always be manipulated. I’m not talking about bad intentions. Just that, well, it’s always a test of a “chosen” amount of the outside malware…

I would also like to see how the Comodo fairs in AV-Comparatives… just for a idea.

I think it will be much better than a lot of users wants. CAV was improved a lot in the last months as far I could follow.

Mbam always performs badly in these types of test because it specifically targets malware that is missed by other AVs rather than trying to detect everything.This is why it’s a complimentary program to an AV rather than it’s replacement.

yes it is.

and the few that was missed prevented using Sandboxing and D+ :wink:

Our AV team is showing its strength and the amazing improvements they have done in such a short time!

Now that Cloud Anti Virus, Cloud Behaviour Blocker (yep…world’s first I think) and Cloud Whitelisting is coming in V5 (ver 2011), CAV will simply be unstoppable!


Yes, when the AV vendors have added detection for the malware MBAM usually deletes it’s detection.

Can’t understand this policy…
First they have a very bad update scheme (not incremental).
Then they remove old signatures? And what about if the user receive an old infected file?

Check the site and you’ll see that they do NOT say you need to use another product (antivirus) with it. Shame!

andyman35, languy99, Dch48

I did not know this, thanks. :wink:


only MBAM= :-TD CIS+MBAM= :-TU :slight_smile:

I am looking forword to v5 I can’t wait till I get to try it out. :-TU

Cloud Anti Virus, Cloud Behaviour Blocker ('s first I think)
That's gonna be pretty damm sweet (:KWL)

I have taken the results form that page and arranged then in graphic format, I will update them as more come out.

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