Comodo Unite - how to configure ?

Heya :wink:

I’m running blog about vpn software. Place where i’m wrinting about all kind of vpn’s, how to configure, how to use, play, share files & stuff like that.

So far i havee made tutorials for hamachi, wippien, tunngle. Comodo is my next big step, and i want to make as best as i can .

I have manage to make a lot of stuff by my own ( about comodo ) but some thing i can’t find ( my google skills are week :stuck_out_tongue: ), so here is some of my questions.

  • 1.) Do i need allow all of comodo’s exe’s or just some of the through system based firewall ?
  • 2.) How about comodo service ? Is it need to be add ( just in case ) to firewall/antyvirus protection ? ( some of vpn’s services need to be add. tunngle for example
  • 3.) What ports/protocols comodu use and do i need port forward if i’m using comodo aroun wifi based home network ?