Comodo Unite didn't start

Hi. I have a problem with CUnite. After install i have a box with some space to write and information about license key. I don’t have a license key so i click quit. And program ending, after double-click on icon Comodo Unite nothing happened. I can’t run this program after quit without typing license key (because i don’t have any key). Any idea what is wrong?

Hi kalasanty and welcome to the Forum :-TU

It is slightly misleading, but you do not need to enter a License Key, just continue as if you had entered a key for the installation to continue and everything should work :slight_smile:

Any problems please post back :slight_smile:

I know. I used a 1-2 years ago Comodo Easy VPN (and i think CUnite is the same) and everything works fine. Now i have Win 7 and i can’t run Comodo. After install and close window with key activator program didn’t work. Don’t start and it’s not in the process in task manager. Of course i download 64-bit like my Win. I don’t know where is the problem. Thanks for any help

have you check Event Viewer in system tools ? and do you have disabled uac and any other ‘sandbox’ tools running on your pc ?

and ofc you running correct x32 or x64 bit version of installer on pc ?

Yes installer is for 64bit :wink: but i have a weird things with Comodo. In my dormitory in other city (and ofc other internet provider ;P) Comodo runs and log on without a problem. In my house i can’t run Comodo, Remobo and other VPN programs. Only Hamachi works, but i can’t host a game. It’s possible that the router will block incoming connections or something?

might be. however most of vpn based programs use similar technology. to make sure, try … fr tutorials how to configure & port forward.

if you stil have problems with instalation, make sure you have administrator privileges on acc you are installing it.