Comodo Unite 3.0.2 is now available for download.

Comodo Unite 3.0.2 is now available for download.

EasyVPN has been rebranded as Comodo Unite to more accurately reflect the feature rich nature of how the product connects people and computers.

  • Please uninstall EasyVPN before installing Unite.

     32 bit
Size: 17269040 bytes
File Version: 3, 0, 2, 0
MD5: 629B21C0184D42B49211BEC306EDC0AD
SHA1: 5816F70A752AAF739EA09D4F149654BA761DAD48

64 bit
Size: 20122928 bytes
File Version: 3, 0, 2, 0
Modified: 22 August 2011, 07:57:41
MD5: 8F845B079EF10EC4EC75A6143A1EDD2C
SHA1: 6AC8BF635B6EE0CF2147266D91E65D3C7314199B

New to Comodo Unite version:

  1. Ability to login to multiple locations with the same user account.
  2. ‘My Computers’ section shows all your computers which are logged in.
  3. New long awaited Unite service to establish computer connection via VPN before Windows login.
  4. Unite web based system to manage Networks, contacts and personal information which also includes a search feature for networks and contacts.
  5. Unicode support, for user profile information and networks.
  6. Feature to stop remote control from computer being controlled from a computer under My Computers.
  7. Help information for facebook login username when adding 3rd party IM accounts


  1. Changing picture function can not work normally sometimes.
  2. Clicking tip message to add contact in chat dialog didn’t respond after delete the contact.
  3. Scroll bar in chat dialog do not display when send multiple files in X64 Windows.
  4. IP should be shown on system menu rather than computer name for contacts.
  5. The Share App/web, Remote button is enabled after canceled Application list page while it receiving one incoming share request.
  6. [Win7/Vista] ‘Close’ button is absent in ‘License’ window and minimize/maximize buttons are shown.
  7. Unable to perform desktop sharing using a certificate access policy.
  8. Help menu item links to EVPN help files.
  9. ‘License’ window has no Win7 style.
  10. Spelling error in one of the nudge messages when login multi places.
  11. Remote to My Computers does not work.
  12. Options window closed unexpected after close the warning message on Services page.
  13. Unite does not run automatically when system login.
  14. The username and pass edits should be disabled when reconnecting.
  15. Minimized chat window should pop up in front after double click the contact.
  16. Unable to perform desktop sharing using a certificate access policy (for My Computers).
  17. Conference chat window should be shown to its participants after conference chat has started.
  18. Changing profile image may not take effect sometimes.
  19. User could not connect to facebook account.
  20. Contacts profile image shows even if he set option ‘Share my picture’ off.
  21. Received multi-files cause output contents messed.
  22. Random defect for long time run.
  23. Sign out facebook defect.
  24. Contacts in offline show with red-cross mask.
  25. History with contact becomes broken if receive any non-XML tag
    Version 3.0.2 specific changes:
  26. Work in service mode before windows login in is fixed now.
  27. ‘Connecting…’ is shown before VPN being built.



Thanks for release looks good.

Just a note, could not install over previous RC.
Failed at trying to start service EzVpnSvc, asked to check if I have permissions. I do.

Uninstalled the RC and all went well.

Win 7 x64


Edit: to add service name.

Great soft, I hope that it will be improving.

Congratulations with the release. (:CLP)

Copy that. With me it got stuck at EzVpnSvc. Uninstalling the RC did the trick.

good work guys!

hey everyone…pls give us your feedback…



I sent my feedback already in here, any answer?;msg542094#msg542094

Also, I have to add that just noticed that using CUnite 3.0.2, it wont start or login automatically with windows startup.
I have to click on the CUnite shortcut to start running it. With any previous versions of Unite and EasyVPN it started all good.

Also had the RC issue, but it took a bit of and chop saw work but it’s running now :slight_smile:

I read on the release notes that RC issue, but never afected me.
Now that I uninstalled RC and installed 3.0.2, I have that issue.

Hi w-e-v,

What issued did you have?

Ronny had issues due to the previous Beta/RC version.


It has to do with fix #13:

  1. Unite does not run automatically when system login.

Never had that issue with EasyVPN (latest realease) and any other latest version from UNITE, until this version 3.0.2.

Finally CU does not delete first and last name entered in Tools > Options > Profiles. (3.0.2 deleted them yesterday :-). :slight_smile: (Still cannot enter email address, though.)

But I still have no first and last name here:, and my user name is in the email address field, which cannot be edited.

One more thing. CU still does not handle profile images well. See attached image. The profile image is 70×70 pixels and looks good in the main window, but not good at all in the chat window. If I use an image that is 80×80 pixels, it does not look good in the main window. :-\

[attachment deleted by admin]

Confirmed with clean install.

But I still have no first and last name here:, and my user name is in the email address field, which cannot be edited.

Names are deleted today. :-\

I already know why my Unite wont start at windows startup, even with that option selected on the configurations.
Its because I have installed Comodo Backup (the latest beta version). I had to uninstall CB for one particular reason, and once restarted the machine, UNITE starts perfectly.

So, CB and UNITE are not friendly to each other, at least at starting automatically. :wink:

Thanks for the feedback.

QA will investigate this.


here’s my new wishlist for comodo unite ( i dont see the topic to post so i m doing here)

i have slow internet connection and using speed instead of quality is not helping much and it makes mouse movement lags
if there is option of GREYSCALE view like that of teamviewer then it will be the software for me above teamviewer… and it will be helpful for ppl like me who have slow internet connection

Going to download now and give it a try when I can over the next few days. :slight_smile:

can this be used just for making you anonymous while connected to the internet regardless of what programs on your computer are connecting to the internet without have to install the IM client and the file sharing component? can it be used like hotspot shield?

I don’t think you can compare these products.
Hotspot shield is more comparable to TrustConnect.
These build a SSL encrypted tunnel to a VPN Head-end from there you enter the Internet with an IP address of the provider.

Hotspot claims your ‘anonymous’ browsing, but I don’t think that’s entirely true.
They provide you with a different IP but if your browser saves cookies or has other characteristics they you can still be tracked.
Say your browser has a unique User-Agent, or one of the plugins uses a unique string to check for updates etc, they could still match you regardless of your source IP.

Unite is to be used for secure IM (read encrypted traffic from clients to server and back).
And Peer-2-Peer VPN between you and other VPN users, it builds an encrypted ‘network’ between those active on the network(Unite group) based on a 5.x.y.z/8 subnet.

thank you. would you say there is something better to use than hotspit