Comodo Unite Beta Released.

Comodo Unite Beta is now available for beta testing (i.e. do not run on production systems and we recommend backup of any data before use)

  • Please uninstall EasyVPN before installing the beta.

32 bit
Size: 18,526 KB
MD5: 290C287EBDB30B398AADE9CEFC55DC09
SHA1: 09C3E7655170E7A4DEA2D23B19E766CE76A80A60

64 bit
Size: 21,159 KB
MD5: 60880ADB20F7719D2CB2408534141A6A
SHA1: E4FA8CD887D1F22F14CACCC634E8832045618CB0

New to this version:


  1. Log in to multiple locations by same user account.
  2. My Computers section showing all your computers logged in.
  3. Unite Web site to manage personal information, contacts and networks, also include searching contacts and networks on web.
  4. New long awaited Unite service to keep computer connectible via VPN before Windows logon.
  5. Unicode support for user profile information.


  1. Send multi files via 3rd IM accounts will hang application.

Known issues:

  1. User could not login both Unite and Unite with same account in same time.

Hi Shane,

Thanks for the update we’ll see how this one goes :-TU

good work guys!

Congrats with the release… :■■■■

Just installed Comodo Unite to Compare it with EasyVPN and Qnext.

First thing I noticed is that when I checkmark let others only see my alias, type my alias then click on either accept or OK both disappear.

Since I am unsure how to search for user names/aliases there is no one to connect with to confirm?

Also would have liked the ability to use 2 different aliases with the same email address (or at least 2 different email addresses during the same login. The login here is the same as in the forum but I use a different one for Qnext, Yahoo, MSN, and AIM.


Win XP 32
“automatically launch Unite when i log on” - this default option dont work (in other versions worked)

Now testing…


Uninstalled the EVPN and installed Unite just now.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Some problems on Win XP 32.

The same here. Win XP 32 too.
I realized that Unite starts -without window- when Windows Log on but after a while it closes itself and I need to run it manually.
Latest CIS installed in my computer too.

Will you open a bug report thread?

Looks good. Wish I had more computers to test it on.

what is the unite website?

works pretty good, the only thing I would like to see is lower ram usage in the future, two processes right now using 15MB on my computer. Also when I close it down, there is a service running in the background using 7 megs, if that could be turned off when I have the program not running it would be great.

I’ve tried out Comodo Unite in Windows 7 x64 and the same occurs. I need to start manually this program to work.
Nobody have experienced this issue?

I still have the same issue as with eVPN: Cannot log into Facebook. My login is an email address, the program says I need to use a valid user name.
what gives?

AFAIK your username is the bit at the end of the url of your facebook profile. Usually firstname.lastname.

tried this also. Still not connecting.

I understand this is a beta; but i have duplicate names :stuck_out_tongue:
I know we would love to have more than 1 Ronny(s) running around here but simply there is only 1 :slight_smile:

(See Attachment)

[attachment deleted by admin]

FB is now connecting. Didn’t do anything, it just started on its own.

Since I installed Comodo Unite, this program doesn’t start automatically. I’ve tried in both XP SP3 and W7 x64 with the same problem.
Yesterday I solved this problem simply uninstalling and installing CIS again