Comodo Uninstaller Tool destroyed Windows


I need some help on this issue. I tried to uninstall Comodo Firewall 10 because I wanted to upgrade to version 11. The Windows uninstall routine couldn’t uninstall Comodo so I used the uninstaller tool ( The tool crashed during the operation. I then rebooted the PC and the system startup repair dialog popped up. This fails with the message “MissingOSLoader”.

I have tried every combination with sfc, dism and bootrec. All fail. Also it is not possible to repair Windows when booting from DVD and chosing the repair option.

This has to be a known problem with the uninstaller. Is anyone able to help me on this matter? Also, I was able to retrieve the log file created by the uninstaller. I looks like it tried to delete way too many files in the Windows folder.

This is the log: The domain name is for sale

It looks as if the uninstaller tool detected the CIS install directory as being the windows\system32 folder which is why it tries to remove everything in that folder. First I have ever seen this happen, there were times when normal uninstall could not be completed, but using the uninstaller tool fixed it.

Try the win7 forums they helped me before. I had to perform a repair install in the end and it solved my problems.

Comodo is apparently reviving the delete system32 - memes…

I am as surprised as futuretech is. If not stunned and stumped. This should not have happened.

When you were running the tool were you asked to point to the installation folder of CIS? The tool will ask if it cannot find the CIS installation folder its self. If you were asked did you point it to a folder yourself or did you discard the question? If you pointed the cleanup tool to a folder do you remember to what folder you pointed it?

more information needed friend ı use frequently never happened to me maybe you select system32 folder mistakenly
or somethings else ı dont know who can now

Did you install accidentally CIS into the system folder?

Other than the uninstaller not being able to find the CIS installation folder and prompting for it, I’ve never seen the uninstaller tool touch any folder it wasn’t supposed to unless it was explicitly told to in the prompt for the CIS install folder.

Ewen :slight_smile:

No, it did not ask where it was installed. It was detected automatically.

I never got to chose a location. It detected CIS on it’s own. After that I pressed on continue it started to delete things. Comodo was installed in “C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security”. The files are still there. This makes sense because there is no mention of this path in the log file.

Hi T3rm1_,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. But we are not able to reproduce the issue.

Can you please share us more details about the installation steps of CIS and what steps you followed for uninstalling using Official uninstaller.

The Windows uninstall routine couldn't uninstall Comodo so I used the uninstaller tool. The tool crashed during the operation.
Did you get any error when you try normal windows uninstall routine.

Thanks in advance.

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If I remember correctly there was no error message when uninstalling. The uninstaller was stuck in the middle and nothing happened for like 15 minutes. I closed it and restartet the pc. Then I got two error messages that something couldn’t be started or found. So the uninstaller must have deleted something. After that I used official uninstaller.

CIS was installed with Firewall module only. I did not change the installation directory.

In the log file is following line

23:0:12 Dialog.cpp:326	>> OUT:: Installation directory: C:\Windows\system32

Can’t you take a look at line 326 and figure out why the system folder was selected as the installation directory?

Could you check the version number of cis.exe, cavwp.exe and cmdagent.exe in the installation folder?

The reason for asking is to determine if the installation in the installation folder is the version you had installed and not an older version which has not been properly uninstalled.

Sorry for the late reply.
All three exe files have version

And here is a list (Screenshot by Lightshot) of files that still exists. Looks like nothing got deleted at all:

Thank you for reporting back. Is there a way you can determine that v10.0.1.6223 was the version you had installed? F.e. by checking the version number of the installer (in case you use the off line installer).

No way, sorry. The installer is gone. Comodo had been installed for several years. So the installer must have been a previous version because I remember that Comodo updated itself several times. Since I’m very good with PC stuff I can assure you that (a second) Comodo was not installed in the System32 directory.

Thank you for reporting.

I am still baffled by how this could have happened. Did the contact with PremJK bring any new insights?

No, all he did is ask me one question in this thread.

From the information you provided I can only only come to one conclusion. And that is that during the various program updates using the program updater the information pointing to the installation folder has gotten set to system32 folder for an unknown reason. :-\