Comodo unable to detect Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Small.azk

Hi This is just an information that Comodo antivirus was unable to remove this trojan dropper → Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Small.azk since comodo didn’t detect it as virus or trojan etc.

Hopefully, the technical staff can look into it and update the virus definition so that the comodo antivrius can detect this trojan.

Fyi, I had already install Comodo firewall, comodo boclean and comodo antivirus and all are the latest version. But still, the trojan leak through the real-time scan.


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If you could submit this to the Comodo research labs I’m sure they would be glad to add it to detection.

You can view instructions on how to do this here.


Hi sorry I am unable to submit the file as I had cleaned/removed the file using online antivirus.

Both Kespersky and Nod32 detected the trojan and Nod32 removed the infection/trojan.

However I do remember the filename and where it was residing before the online antivirus removes it.

Was using search engine to search for some information. And somehow got these infection when I clicked on one of the link which the search engine listed.

That’s is all I can remembered.