Comodo.TV's "Intervention Laptop" featured on Stopbadware.Org

Comodo.TV’s recent hit show “Intervention Laptop” picked up a great endorsement this week with an embed at StopBadware.Org. Our troubled laptop is for all to see right on their front page, with the following review: Security firm Comodo offers this self-promoting but rather humorous spoof of the cable TV show Intervention. In this case, the addict is a laptop that is addicted to malware.

If you’re not familiar with, they’re organized by the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University. The mission of (as published on their site is: is a partnership among academic institutions, technology industry leaders, and volunteers, all of whom are committed to protecting Internet and computer users from the threats to privacy and security that are caused by bad software. We are a leading independent authority on trends in badware and its distribution, and a focal point for the development of collaborative, community-minded approaches to stopping badware. We invite you to join our community, to help reduce the impact of badware and to regain control of our computers.