Comodo Troubleshooting/Information/System/Log/Report/Etc. Generator?

Comodo Troubleshooting/Information/System/Log/Report/Etc. Generator? (:NRD)


I just thought up an idea for a stand alone and/or integrated easy log/report creator/generator that could be tailored for a certain Comodo product and/or all Comodo products and/or a generic set of products/drivers/hardware/networks situations/etc

I have no programming experience or knowledge, but I am sure someone out there could make a simple easy program for Windows and/or Linux and/or MAC; if they have not already done so. :wink:

I occasionally report possible false positives and/or possible malware and/or driver issues and/or network issues and/or software conflicts and/or crashes, etc. for different programs that I am testing or hardware that I am using or network related problems.

I think it would be a good idea for Comodo or someone to make a simple program that can make logs/reports that can be posted in forums and/or e-mail and/or through the program that can assist the Developers in figuring out and fixing problems and it would also help the users in posting relevant information for the Developers; especially beginners and computer novices.

Imagine the people posting at forums and moderators not having to worry so much and/or waste so much time trying to explain to people how to post relevant information needed to fix their problem.

Imagine the moderators just posting the required information needed for each forum (which is already done) and have the user easily open a simple program and/or just use an area in whatever Comodo product’s interface they are using, and simply checking a list of required information as stated by the moderator and having the program create a nicely organized Text file listing the required logs/information/reports/settings/add-ons/etc.

The program could allow a user to select what type of information the program is to scan the computer for, so it can then neatly order/organize it and save it as a Text file.

Information that can be selected could include general information about the operating system, a general list of the hardware of the computer, installed drivers, running services, running programs, operating system crash dumps, program crash dumps, start up programs, general network information, program specific version numbers & database versions, program specific logs & configuration settings, program specific add-on lists, etc.

The user can have the option of what to select and what order the information is to be arranged in, so that the program can scan their system and add the selected information to a Text file so it can be easily uploaded and shared with someone that can help them figure out and/or fix their problem and/or report a bug to the Developers, etc.

This would help the users, the developers, the community, and could bring some new users to Comodo products maybe, etc.

Then users, developers, troubleshooters, could easily and quickly share relevant information with each other without having to have much knowledge and/or without having to manually dig around trying to find and make all of these logs of information to report when trying to figure out and/or fix a problem and there would be an All-In-One Solution/Option/Single Log/Report Of Relevant Information/Etc.; so it would be a win for everyone involved or at least each side would gain something out of it, I think.

It could be named something like: Comodo Troubleshooting/Information/System/Log/Report/Etc. Generator or something, just use your imagination. :wink:

It could be used by Comodo and Non-Comodo users for general and/or specific log/reporting/troubleshooting/system information needs/etc., especially for beta software and general forum situations.

Anyway, maybe some one out there in the Comodo Team and/or Community and/or Open Source Community could make this idea a reality; if it is not been created already already. :smiley:

Thank you for your time,
-John Jr :slight_smile:

I’m currently working on something like this :stuck_out_tongue:
But Will Collect Vast System Information and Information about CIS :slight_smile:

But I would love professionals create such app :slight_smile:


Great! Actually, those two things were on my list as well. :wink:

I look forward to seeing your final version one day and a Comodo version if they decide to make one one of these years. :slight_smile: