Comodo tries to open Sony Ericsson OCS every time after reboot system

Hi all,

After install of Comodo V 3.5.57173.439 i encountered the same error as posted here (why can’t i reply to that topic?)

I think this is a very bad ‘mistake’ and still isn’t resolved it seems, so please fix this because it’s very annoying having to click cancel about 5 times after each reboot :-\

Greetz, Apollo

Welcome. :slight_smile: It wasn’t locked or resolved, that is just an older archived board.

Not locked but the same as reply icon removed.

I’ve got the same sort of problem but Comodo is trying to install OCS not run it and tries to do so after every reboot and after every new webpage request. I am unable to re-install the OCS software (as suggested here as I no longer have it. Can someone please help? This is driving me mental!

Hi everybody! I´d solved the problem. Download “windows intall clean up” tool and delete the “sony ericsson OCS” program. I had unistalled the OCS program since 2006!
I think it will help you.

Yeah same here - it’s a b****** I went after it loaded for bear but it lived !
OK, so although I’ve been in IT years, I kinda went off in a lazy way to be honest.
Registry editor of choice, hunt down references and ■■■■■■ them >:(
Original software re-install-uninstall.
Registry monitor checking registry calls hunting down references and doing bloody ■■■■■■ again >:(
I’ts a raging blood lust - things like this are personal insults to me!
Then I did what I should have done in the first place really.
Just run Processxp or other process monitor (not windoze task manager!)
eg: Process Explorer - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn :-TU

Have a look down the process list and find the windows installer MSIExec.
Check it and all the extended files/processes/calls etc hanging off it.
It should show you the *.msi file it’s trying to execute from eg: C:\windows\installer.…
In my instance it was called 1fe61.msi.
You can browse to an *.msi file and right click for options to install/uninstall/repair etc.
So I did to confirm it was the rogue ericsson installer - it was and sooooo…
I slaughtered it’s corrupted putrid entity.
Job done. ;D
Mind you… the installer is still being called from somewhere - blink and you’d miss it.
So I’m hunting it down now too… but with a more evil grin this time >:-D

Hope this helps.